REVIEW : 8200P Wireless Optical Mouse & Keyboard


Rapoo’s 8200P wireless keyboard and mouse combo is a good keyboard mouse set. This nice little product is a great upgrade for people who want clutter free, minimalist keyboard and mice for their home office without breaking the bank.

While a lot of people tend to upgrade from their simple keyboard and mice for gaming, there’s still a subset of people who want to have nice looking keyboard or mice for their home or offices, and Rapoo’s 8200P hits the right spot it comes design, performance and price.

One of the things that really endeared us to this keyboard and mouse combo is the fact that both devices are wireless, running off of what Rapoo calls a “reliable 5G wireless transmission”.

The keyboard is pretty slim, coming in at only 4mm thin at its thinnest point. The keys have okay travel, but are a bit mushy compared to bigger, thicker keyboards. There are dedicated keys for different functions including multimedia, email and web browsing right on top of the regular function keys. Rapoo says that the keyboard can take small spills without getting wrecked.


The mouse meanwhile is decent to use, and is responsive enough for what it is. There’s a small DPI button on the top that allows you to change the sensitivity on the fly, and two keys on the left side allow you to go forward and back through webpages quickly. A small slot on the bottom of the mouse near the battery compartment allows you to take the receiver of the 8200P and use it with a notebook if you need to travel and leave the keyboard behind.


The Rapoo 8200P give good value for money, especially for people looking to spice up their home or office with a stylish keyboard and mouse. With long battery life and stylish design Rapoo 8200p will be good purchase for anyone.


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