ADATA designed heatspreaders that feature interchangeable fins to change colors schemes. The inner red fin stack can be removed and replaced with the included gold colored one if preferred.

Durable Memory with a Stylish Detachable Fin – XPG V3 is built for PC enthusiasts and gamers to pursue extreme performance. The eye-catching heat sinks and 8-layer PCBs with 2oz copper provide outstanding cooling performance and stable data transfer. An additional pair of golden fins are included in the package, making the XPG V3 more customizable. The detachable fin can be replaced by removing the screws, allowing users to exchange the fins and match the colors in their rig!

The TCT feature insures each memory chip makes contact with the heatspreaders, which ADATA says allows the PCB and ICs to operate at the same temperature. The modules are also made with an 8-layer PCB and a 2 oz copper inner layer.

No Crash With Great Stability – XPG V3 DDR3 DRAM Module utilizes the Thermal Conductive Technology (TCT), which makes every chip have contact with the heat sinks directly, ensuring IC and PCB operate in an environment of equal temperature; therefore, XPG V3 is able to maintain the best stability, even in full-speed operation. The unique detachable fins extend the heat sinks upwards for more cooling space and generate improved cooling performance. And the 8-layer PCB with 2oz copper helps to reduce the electric resistance effectively and consume less power, which greatly enhances the integrity of signal transfer.

It’s no surprise high quality memory chips have to be used to achieve speeds like this kit offers. ADATA claims a strict binning process is in place to filter the good chips from the bad.

Extra High-Quality Chips – XPG V3 DDR3 DRAM Module is made of high-quality chips selected by a strict filtering process. It also uses top quality PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) that effectively extend the lifespan of memory modules.

The ADATA XPG V3 kit we received came packaged in a plastic clam-shell. Inside, the cardboard insert is used for some product branding and instructions on how to swap out the aluminum fins. The spare aluminum fins are found enclosed at the back of the package.

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