When it comes to buy a laptop. We all think of a low weighed slim and sleek design. HP ENVY J-133TX is a remarkably light weight, aluminium finished laptop. This laptop is a beauty with a beast to be unleashed in it.

Intel Core i7 (4th Gen) 4702MQ processor with a 8GB RAM helps you do work fluently and at the same time increases your gaming experience with the 4GB graphics card. Processor has a Turbo Boost so whenever needed it will go beyond the processing power to get the work done. 1TB hard disk  is enough to store some games but if you are a addicted gamer then you should have a External HDD. There is a huge difference in start-up time when compared with my PC (Intel Core 2 Duo). System comes with the latest Windows 8.1 (64-bit) operating system. At many websites I read that Windows 8.1 is creating some problem but till now I didn’t experience any problem with Windows. Still there is a option of downgrade if you experience any problem.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 4GB graphics card gives you a totally new experience while playing games. If you are thinking about heat then you need not to worry, the HP CoolSense don’t let your system overheat. You will feel the heat while playing games but your system will remain cool with the HP CoolSense. Graphics card was the main feature because of which I preferred J-133TX(4GB) over J-111TX(2GB). I needed higher graphics not only to play games but for my work as well. I used Adobe Photoshop’s 3D feature in Intel i3 processor without graphics card but in every 5 minutes the software crashes. So, if you are a designer and wishes to use high end softwares then J-133TX is a great opportunity to bring your passion into career.

Screen is not full HD but its resolution are enough to play most of the games and designing work can also be done pretty easily. For a designer, the screen resolution plays a crucial role. More the resolution, more is the chances that design will have a great finish. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are amongst the softwares I use regularly. 3D graphics looks much more realistic in this 15 inches HD screen.

Touchpad have buttons underneath it so it takes time to get used to those buttons. Though it has multi touch gesture support that helps you a lot while working. Most of you have known that Alt+Tab is the easiest way to switch between applications. But it is not so, the easiest way is to swipe you finger from left to right on the touchpad. Features like zoom in and out through touchpad lets me do my work more efficiently and fast. As a designer, at regular intervals I need to zoom in and out to create a layout/design pitch perfect. Till now either I have to use the mouse or the keyboard shortcuts but now it’s just the matter of 2 fingers on the touchpad moving in opposite directions.

Backlit Island style keyboard is smooth as a surface of ice and the backlit gives you a feel of Macbook. While playing games this backlit keyboard has a essence of its own. Caviar is of red colour, while working/playing with backlit this caviar looks pretty amazing. Now let’s talk about sound, 4 speakers and 2 subwoofers provide enough sound to become a fan of. If you are a music lover then you will be able find a huge difference between the sound of this system and other laptops. As stated by the HP on its site it’s their most advanced audio ever with Beats Audio, four speakers and a dual drive subwoofer. When you are on a move and have to do the work at the same time. You need not to worry, battery backup of this beast is far better when compared to the rivals.

As I like playing Counter Strike competitively, I always wanted to try Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This task was not possible on my PC(Core 2 Duo without graphics card). While purchasing the laptop I had CS: GO in mind as most of my friends recommended me this game. This HP laptop is perfect for work and few rounds of Counter Strike: Global Offensive matches. Game runs smooth, keyboard provides good response and with USB gaming mouse this HP laptop has provided me ultimate CS experience. Other modern games also work well at medium to high settings with smooth frame-rate.

As we all know everything is not perfect same is the case here. When I start my laptop it starts up really quickly. But when I open any folder within 3-4 min of startup, it takes time to show the files in that folder. To get a sleek designed heavily loaded machine you need to compromise a little. Such as there is no Optical Drive in this system. But when you look at this beauty you will surely forget about the Optical Drive.


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