Kingston HyperX Cloud Headset is an amazing headset for its price and with the in-box items it is really impressive. Read more to find out. 

What I found after sorting through the array of assorted adapters and cables (cell phone, airplane, USB, and analog extension) included with the HyperX Cloud, is one of the best gaming headsets I’ve ever used.


The HyperX impresses right from the start with some notable luxury feature. The solid metal construction gives this headset both a nice heft and durability, while keeping the form factor slim and attractive. Thanks to the detachable mic I’d even say this is another headset you could use on the street without looking like you just escaped from a call center.


You’ve got two large, “leather” earpieces on the HyperX out of the box, with the option to swap to microfiber for a different feel. The ear cups were large enough to encompass my entire ear with room to spare. This is easily one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever worn. The earpieces also don’t rotate, which is a shame.


One last design complaint is the in-line controls. Attaching the control box also requires attaching an extension cable, leaving the controls about a meter below the actual headset—way too far down to find in the middle of a tense fight.


Surprisingly the HyperX Cloud matches its design with a fantastic sound. It’s a mite heavy on the bass (though less than most gaming headsets) and the high-end sounds a little slick.


There’s an excellent feeling of presence though, with the large earpieces giving plenty of space and depth to the sounds. Kingston makes no attempt at a “surround” experience, but the sound profile of the HyperX Cloud is better than that on a lot of the headsets touting the feature anyway.


The microphone plugs into a small jack on the bottom of the left earpiece—a jack protected by a tiny piece of rubber that is just begging to get lost. It’s not hooked to anything, so as soon as you set it down it’s probably going to disappear.


The best part of the microphone is it’s extremely bendable, allowing you to position it as you wish. It could use a lot more noise cancelling , and the wind filter is a poor pop filter at best.

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