REVIEW : KWorld S28 Wired Headset With Mic


KWorld S28 are gaming earphones which we have been using for past month on variety of devices. These Gaming Earphones come with interchangeable ear pads and earphone back, just in case you don’t like the color.

The S28s have a flat cord instead of a rounded cord to prevent them from tangling.  The box contains 4 extra ear pads/buds attachments in case the original do not fit you well. Well, the original ear pads do provide a snug and comfortable fit plus do not fall off with minor jerks.

The back cap of ear phones are also interchangeable and you can change them very easily based on your style. Down the cord is the control box which has N switch which is used to make the earphones work with certain devices but we did not face any compatibility issue as the earphones worked with every device we had.  The volume button is a slider which you slide to increase or decrease the volume.

We used the earphones for long gameplay sessions and we must say they are quite comfortable. The Earphones pack a punch and sound quality is brilliant with loud volume in games and music. The range is quite good too but like most earphones these are also quite weak with the bass. The mic is not the best but for this price it just works.


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