REVIEW : Privacy Knight (Android)


Chinese mobile internet giant Alibaba Group has announced the launch of Privacy Knight, free app-lock with Face Lock feature that protects mobile privacy from intruders. Equipped with Face Lock, the fastest and most accurate unlock solution in the world, Privacy Knight enables users to unlock their protected apps through a 1-second-selfie.


Announcing the launch, Ebrahim Popat, Country Manager of 9Apps, an Android Marketplace within Alibaba Mobile Business Group, says, “Face Lock is set to change the way people protect their privacy. It’s the next big thing after fingerprint lock. The age of Face Lock is here.” So let’s find out it actually works or not.


During our installation of the APP chrome and default MIUI installer warned us about the potentially harmful APK. This warning was raised because 9Apps has many potentially harmful APPS and Privacy Knight is also downloaded via 9Apps. We continued with the installation and can safely say Privacy Knight is a clean, ad free application.


Privacy Knight works on a 1-second-step for face locking, saving users the trouble to remember patterns/pincode. Meanwhile, the Face Lock and Blink Detection setting ensure a 99.47%- works every time in our case -accuracy of face recognition, more precise than any other recognition models in the world. Face-Lock is entirely offline, that means that it does not upload any user information to any server. Everything is store offline in user’s device.


Other than face lock Privacy Knight also offers App Lock, Vault, Clean, Themes, Intruder Selfie, Fake Cover, Fake Icon, and more.


App Lock- this locks apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail etc. and protects them from being snooped. Also locks apps like Amazon and Flipkart, so that there are no unauthorized purchases.


Vault- It can store all your important pictures and videos which are behind a security lock, so no one just using your phone can see them.


Intruder Selfie- It takes Selfie of the person trying to unlock your phone but is unable to do so.


Themes- Free themes but we did not bother much with them.


Multiple Lock Options- Pattern lock, pin code lock and Finger Print Lock (Only for the phones which support it and are on Android 6.0+) also available. We found Finger Print lock and Face Lock best in terms of functionality.


Fake Cover/Fake Icons- prevents any possible intrusions so no one is ever able to access your private apps without you by creating fake covers and Icon.


Privacy Clean- Cleans entire history from all your apps, browsing history and searches in shopping apps too

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