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How to setup Hamachi?


Ever hear of a LAN party? In case you are not familiar, it’s where several friends get together and bring all their computers to one location so they can play a computer game together over the LAN feature in the networking options of the game. This typically means that one person hosts the party and the other players come over to the house, dragging their desktops or bringing their laptops so they can all connect into the same router and play the game together. Just think of all the planning and time that goes into setting this situation up, the gasoline used driving over, the effort to make sure everyone can be at one place at the same time, just so they can play a game on the computer. There has to be a better way, right?

Right. This is where a nice online service comes in called Hamachi, which allows you to create a network of friends who can play LAN games together, the same way they normally would if they were physically near each other, but over the Internet instead. The process in setting this up is extremely easy to do, reduces Internet lag and is 100% free (not counting the costs of the game of course).

There are some limitations to this method I am about to show you. The first is that this will only ever work on games that have a built-in LAN option, if your game has no LAN option, you can’t use this method to play online. The second is that the LAN option almost always must be UDP, not IPX protocol. There are some guides on the Internet that can help you get this working on the IPX protocol, but it seems hit or miss, some games work, others do not but none of the ones I have tried have worked, so for this reason I can’t advise this as a good way of connecting when using the IPX protocol.
To do this tutorial here is what you will need: a broadband Internet connection, at least 1 friend at home with a broadband Internet connection, a game that you both have installed on your computer with a LAN option, Windows XP or Windows Vista and the free software Hamachi.
Step 1. Download (link) and install Hamachi. When you setup Hamachi (or on your first run, depending on the version) you will be asked to choose a username and password, make sure you do.

Step 2. Run Hamachi and create a new network. This can be done by clicking the tab Network, then selecting “Create a new network”. A window will open and you will need to put in a name for your new network and a password to access it (you don’t want strangers roaming around using your network). After you do this you will see the network name listed with a green dot next to it on your Hamachi client, this means your network is ready and you are connected.

Step 3. Have your friend(s) install Hamachi, create a username and password, then logon to the network you created with the network name and password you chose using “Join existing network” under Network tab. If they did it correctly, all of you will be listed underneath the network name in your client.

Well you are all done. To enjoy LAN gaming with Hamachi there are some settings that need to be done(which usually exists in some computers) in Control Panel->Networks and Internet for which the video will act as your guide.

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