How to Wirelessly transfer and access Data between Android and PC



Tired of finding USB cable of phone to connect to PC to watch movie or listen to song? What if it is possible to do so without even copying files to your device? Here’s one way to transfer and even READ any data between phone and computer that too WIRELESS! Windows folders can be easily shared with Android device over Wi-Fi (or same Local Are Network).


Wi-Fi router and windows PC connected to this either through LAN/ Wi-Fi.
Download and Install ES File Explorer on your Android device. (Other apps include Solid Explorer, Astro File manager and FX File Explorer)


Share Windows folders

  • Firstly, right-click on the folder that you want to share then go to “Properties”.
  • Now, you will have to go to the sharing tab.
  • Now, click on “Advanced Sharing”
  • In the next dialog box tick on “Share the folder”
  • Further, click on “Permissions” and tick on all the checkboxes under allow.
  • Lastly, click OK to all the dialog boxes

Note the IP Address

Run command prompt
Type ipconfig and note the IP address (or IPv4 Address)

Connect Android device to Wifi network to which PC is connected

Open ES File Explorer in your Android device.
On top right corner click on “Local” – select LAN.
Tap on “New”.
Here you can either Scan for your system or can click on Server.
If you have selected to add Server manually, then in the server field type the IP address (i.e. IPv4 Address) or the system name.
Next, type in the Username and Password of your choice by which you will access your Windows PC (for Win 8, you can use Windows login ID and password)
Then, Give a name under “Display as” for easy identification.
Tap on OK.
Now you will see a laptop with globe icon. Tap on it and you will see all your files/folder of the system there.


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