A guide to building the ultimate gaming rig

A guide to building the ultimate gaming rig

A guide to building the ultimate gaming rig

Building the ultimate gaming rig is an intimidating experience even for veteran gamers. Besides the cost factor, there’s also the question of choosing the right equipment for the best experience.

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been an exciting year for gaming. Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassins Creed: Valhalla, Black Ops: Cold War, and of course Cyberpunk 2077 (coming up, hopefully on the 10th of December).

Before we get started; let’s get this out of the way first. When it comes to building the ultimate gaming machine, you should never stinge on parts. Given the level of performance you’ll be expecting from your machine, going the cheap route isn’t exactly recommended.

Of course, we don’t mean getting the flashiest bits of hardware with all of the bells and weasels. What we do mean is that quality components are going to be a necessity if you want the best gaming experience.

So, with that in mind, let’s get down to it.

1. Desktop or laptop

While a new generation of gaming laptops possess the hardware needed to rival their larger cousins, size still does matter in this case. Take a cursory glance through most gaming forums and chances are you’ll across people complaining about their gaming laptops having cooling issues.

With so much processing power, it’s only natural to expect heat to be produced when your machine is being pushed to its limits. 

Given their smaller size, laptops have more limited cooling systems and the close proximity of the various components means that overheating can become a real issue. Whilst auxiliary devices do exist, they are only a temporary fix which does not solve the underlying problem.

Heating issues can severely damage a device and even result in component failure. WIth a desktop however, the larger casing and available space for cooling fans means that heat can be dissipated much more easily.

Thus if you’re going for the hardcore gaming route, there’s definitely no way around it – a desktop is the only way forwards.

2. Invest in a solid PSU

So you’ve got the RAM, the CPU, and the GPU all set up and ready to go. Your SSD is plugged in and set up so it’s time to wake your beast from its deep slumber.

But wait. There’s something you forgot.

You cheaped out on the PSU and now the entire thing shorts out when you try to start it. The PSU or power supply unit is the heart of your rig. It converts AC from your power socket to lower-grade DC power. 

The PSU is essential for regulating your PCs power supply and without it, everything goes dead. High-end gaming PCs need a more powerful PSU that is able to handle the increased DC charge. 

Overlook that part of your build and you’ll find yourself with a dead PC on your hands.

3. Watch out for your motherboard

The motherboard is an integral part of any gaming rig. It forms the foundation of your PC and connects all of the components together. Without it, your PC is dead in the water and you’ll be out of commission until you get a new one.

When selecting the right motherboard, you’ll want to try and future-proof your purchase. Make sure that your motherboard has enough slots for your video cards, RAM, and drives.

Fortunately, most motherboards are relatively affordable, and you should have no trouble finding the right one at a great price.

4. The graphics card

At the heart of any build, the graphics card is the one component that brings it all together. Also known as a graphics processing unit (GPU), GPUs give your PC the muscle you need to play the games that you want.

Nvidia and AMD have a good selection of graphics cards available on the market. However, since you’re going for the ultimate gaming rig, the GPU is one area in which you definitely do not want to stinge on.

All that awesome processing power allows you to run your favourite games on max settings at a steady 60 FPS. Whilst this is easily one of the most expensive components, it’s also the most worth it.

Finally, before we forget, even though it’s not a software or hardware issue, avoid using regular text message apps for scheduling games with your clan or with your friends. There are several potential breaches in Facebook and Whatsapp and you should rather look up for something less mainstream like Tezro app.

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Most of us are likely to be locked in for quarantine and Christmas is just around the corner. There’s no better time than now to invest in a beast of a gaming rig than right now.

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