Bullet Roulette VR blasts Playstation Store in January!


Bullet Roulette VR blasts Playstation Store in January!

Four suspicious persons with a mysterious past are sitting around the table in the gloomy dark bar playing Russian Roulette. Beware of other players, because they don’t look like someone who plans to play fair. Be tricky and become the last survivor!

Bullet Roulette VR is a casual party game for 1-4 players. Before shooting you should draw 2 cards that can completely change the rules of the game. If the player survives, he will get a coin which can be used to shoot another player on the next turn. If he kills another player, then he takes his money. An unsuccessful attempt to shoot another player takes all the money. Be tricky enough to become the last survivor!

We are glad to announce that Bullet Roulette VR will be available in Playstation Store on January 21th for 8,99$ in the US region and for 8,99 EUR in the EU region.


  • Opportunity to play with AI, where each AI has its own behavior
  • Sticky gameplay brings out adrenaline
  • Great replayable abilities
  • Online PSVR multiplayer


  • Charming game characters
  • NPCs you can interact with (shoot them! Everyone loves to shoot)
  • Atmospheric locations – players find themselves in a secret old bar or elite club
  • Irritating piano music (a good reason to kill the pianist!)
  • Cards that can change the rules of the game

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