Catch, Explore and Survive in the PC and Nintendo Switch Fishing Adventure with a Sinister Undercurrent, Dredge


Prepare for a fishing trip filled with hapless inhabitants, mysterious far-flung islands, and seas that are brimming with deep, dark secrets

Black Salt Games, a small indie studio from New Zealand driven by a love for video games, is announcing its debut title, Dredge, a game filled with fishing, friends, and foreboding seas that may appear calm, but they’re actually far from it.

Set in a Lovecraft-inspired world, players begin their extraordinary adventure when they take up fishing at their new home in The Marrows islands and strange things begin to occur. The core mechanics of Dredge involve a combination of collecting and selling resources, upgrading your equipment and abilities, and exploration.

Players will come across a number of peculiar inhabitants, both on land and at sea, that will reward you for your help. While some island dwellers will ask players to complete simple tasks, there are some stranger folk that are willing to pay big if you’re willing to retrieve some more exotic artifacts from the ocean floor. What they do with these relics is unknown, but you might want to consider if earning extra cash to upgrade your sea vessel is worth bringing about the end of the world.

By day, the seas can be a quiet oasis filled with plenty of opportunities for a fisherman to become profitable. But when the sun goes down, the waters surrounding The Marrows become less inviting. Dangers may approach from down below, above your head, or within your mind. We recommend getting home in time for supper lest you lose your sanity, or worse.

Game Features

●      Explore multiple different regions within the world of Dredge

●      Improve your boat equipment including rods, engines, lights and cargo space

●      Upgrade your vessel, trading in for bigger and better boats

●      Fish with multiple different rods, trawl nets and crab pots

●      Discover mysterious relics that unlock supernatural powers

●      Endure the lonely nighttime waters

●      Survive what is awaiting you in the depths

Dredge is currently scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch and PC in the first part of 2022.

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