Generation Esports Launches New Weekly YouTube Series for Competitors, Fans, and Industry Professionals


Generation Esports Launches New Weekly YouTube Series for Competitors, Fans, and Industry Professionals

Generation Esports (GenE) — the global community-focused esports organization and tournament platform behind the popular High School Esports League (HSEL) and Middle School Esports League (MSEL) — has recently launched a new YouTube series about the latest developments in the esports industry: Generation Esports Report.

Generation Esports Report is a weekly news and events show that covers everything from new GenE announcements, breaking news about esports teams, players, and games, and top tips for up and coming competitive players looking to improve their skills and win awesome prizes. The show also features a variety of fun segments featuring GenE staff and partnered schools/esports players, as well as community-focused spotlights on content creators and players such as “Fs in the Chat” game fails and “Plays of the Week”. New episodes of Generation Esports Report premiere every Monday at

Hosting the Generation Esports Report show is Connor Alne (AKA @CoachAlne), former Executive Director of Esports at Ottawa University, Development Director of Varsity Esports Foundation, and popular esports coach on TikTok. Connor joins Generation Esports as the organization’s new full-time content producer, spearheading the production of new content that will be shared on GenE’s YouTube, Twitch, and social media accounts. Joining Connor as a host of the show is Meredith “Gracie” Wilcox (AKA @graciesta.r). A rising personality in the esports space, Gracie is an esports researcher at the Varsity Esports Foundation and a popular social media influencer on TikTok. 

The first two episodes of the Generation Esports Report is available now on YouTube here:

Viewers can look forward to future Generation Esports Report episodes covering updates and rankings for GenE tournaments, starting with the HSEL Fall Major and MSEL Fall Major, which kick off on September 28 and run until November 22 for student competitors. 

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