Home Gaming Is Allan More Than Just Pillow Talk in Cupid Parasite?

Is Allan More Than Just Pillow Talk in Cupid Parasite?

Is Allan More Than Just Pillow Talk in Cupid Parasite?

Is Allan More Than Just Pillow Talk in Cupid Parasite?

We’ve got a pillow specialist for your heartache! We’re excited to announce that the official website for the divine romantic comedy otome, Cupid Parasite™, has been updated with the following:

Cupid Parasite launches physically and digitally for the Nintendo Switch™ on November 2 in North America and November 5 in Europe!
Official Website
Nintendo eShop
Character Profiles:
Case 05: Allan Melville – The Thieving Parasite
  A senior employee at a 9th Avenue designer bedding store known as Pillow Luxuria.
The store creates tailor-made pillows designed specifically for each customer, and they’re popular with celebrities and other wealthy patrons due to their ability to provide consistent top-tier slumber.

He claims that he truly does want to get married…but the truth is he’s actually a devilish incubus in disguise. It’s unclear why he actually wants to find a wife. Could he possibly have some other hidden agenda?

Either way, he has persuaded Cupid Corp members who already had partners (along with a company employee) to let him “make their dreams come true,” and led them away from their lovers on several occasions. This caused huge problems with the company, and naturally led to him joining the Parasite 5.
Peter Flage
  A gentleman who works as the assistant director on the marriage-hunting share house TV show Parasite House, despite always making odd mistakes such as holding the camera upside down or constantly getting tangled up in various cables.

He is quite easy on the eyes, and becomes more and more popular as the series progresses.
Screenshot Batch #3:
Only 50% Remains of the Cupid Parasite
Limited Edition!
50% of the Limited Edition remains! The Limited Edition is AVAILABLE for preorderat the IFI Online Stores!
Canadian fans can also preorder the Limited Edition through Video Games Plus for $129.99 CAD with FREE Canada shipping!
*Offer through VGP are for Canadian residents only.

The Limited Edition includes: Nintendo Switch Game (with reversible cover sleeve) Steel Game Case “The Parasite’s Guide to Los York” Hardcover Artbook Keychain Set Collector’s Box Radio Los York Presents: Pillow Talk (2-disc Audio Drama + OP/ED themes) Exclusive Trading Card Customers who preorder at the IFI NA Online Store qualify for FREE US Shipping.

Preorder below!
IFI’s Online Store (NA)
Video Games Plus (Canada Only)
IFI’s European Online Store

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