Poppy Works ╳ Ruin of the Reckless

Poppy Works ╳ Ruin of the Reckless

Poppy Works ╳ Ruin of the Reckless

Poppy Works is pleased to announce that we will be maintaining the PC version of Faux Operative’s Ruin of the Reckless and will be publishing the game on PlayStation and Xbox platforms – the game is also headed to Nintendo Switch via our partnership with Faux Operative Games!

We’re also adding Japanese and Korean language options into all versions of the game in a future update.

Please check the Steam Community page for patch notes, news, and to play the latest version. We’ll have more to announce in the coming days, but stay stay tuned to our Twitter for more~!

4 KEMCO titles join the Games Under $20 Sale on the PS Store!



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