Ember and Ash has sent you a message about Project Galileo: A One-Shot for Trophy Dark

Ember and Ash has sent you a message about Project Galileo: A One-Shot for Trophy Dark

Ember and Ash has sent you a message about Project Galileo: A One-Shot for Trophy Dark

We hope you’ve enjoyed Project Galileo, and its play-to-lose approach inherited from Trophy Dark.

We are happy to say we are contributing Trophy Dark incursions to Alchemy, a collection of NINE incursions for Trophy Dark (the book will include all the rules required for play) being published by Cold Hearth Collective (of which we are members). Each incursion bases its theme on and explorers the ideas of “alchemy” in its own way, but we already have giant brass heads, fleshy moths, grave robbers, and gold. Lots of Gold. Always Gold.

In addition to the two of us – Madeleine Ember and Natalie Ash – we have incursions from:

Michael Van Vleet: author of the award-winning A Warm And Pleasant Hum and the critically acclaimed Devil, Aim For Me Trophy Dark incursions.

Gabriel Robinson: author of the award winning Trophy Gold incursion Leviathan’s Bridge and the award-winning Trophy Dark incursion Gift Of The Sea as well as the recently released game Candlelight.

Amalie “Mags Maenad” McKee: author of the ZineQuest2-funded-and-soon-to-be-shipped Climbing The Witch’s Tower which is based on Trophy Dark, and professional GM.

Nicholas Masyk: author of the game Unconquered (which we are excitedly awaiting) and What’s So Cool About Mighty Thews, a whole host of Trophy Dark incursions (03/10/1956, The Flash, The Dead Reach, The Icarus, The Harvest, and Court of the Radiant King -whew!-) and the incredible Trophy Dark pamphlet jam entry Lemongrass.

Speak The Sky: who hosted the Trophy Dark pamphlet jam (https://itch.io/jam/trophy-trifolds) and wrote the incredible Trophy Dark incursion The Paperflesh Advent.

Pam Punzalon: author of Asian Acceptance, Our Armistice, Sundo: The First Flight, Sundo: The Second Flight, Waking the Dead, One More Notch, and the collaborative projects Across This Wasteland With You and Public Utility Mechs.

Jamila Nedjadi: Sword Queen Games’ freakin’ Jammi! Yeah – Balikbayan, Apocalypse Keys, Oathbreakers, Once More Into The Void, In The Face Of Our Despair, Take My Revolution, etc., etc., etc.!

So it’s an absolutely stellar cast of creators going into Alchemy. It is on Kickstarter until October 15th so please, check it out and if it looks good to you, support it!

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