Ruzzle Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary Today!

Ruzzle Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary Today!
Ruzzle Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary Today!

Ruzzle Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary Today!

MAG Interactive celebrates Ruzzle’s birthday today, as the addictively fun mobile word game that has been downloaded over 70 million times worldwide turns five years old. In honor of this huge milestone MAG has introduced a new game mode with the introduction of Team Play, that allows players to pair up with friends and battle against other teams for the weekly League champion title. Ruzzle – one of the most social mobile games in the market just got even more social!

“This is a big day for MAG, as our first-born turns five years old”, said Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive. “In today’s saturated mobile market we are thrilled that Ruzzle still has such a dedicated following, and we continue to add new fun features, such as the new Team Play, to keep the experience fresh and fun for established and new players”.

For the occasion, MAG Interactive created an infographic illustrating interesting facts about Ruzzle and its accomplishments since its launch five years ago. For instance, overall 23 billion rounds of Ruzzle have been played that took players 100,000 years to finish. Ruzzle is also responsible for countless new friendships made through the in-game chat system, that has even led to three happy marriages! Besides all this, Ruzzle has been Top 10 word game in 145 countries.

About Ruzzle

Featuring addictively fun gameplay inspired by the board games Boggle and Scrabble, Ruzzle challenges you to form as many words as possible by drawing your finger across scrambled letters to connect the letters. The bigger the word, the more points you earn as you battle a friend or random opponent in three 2-minute rounds. Regular tournaments and rewards for leveling up keep Ruzzle fresh and fun for players everywhere! For more information visit:

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