Sky Link Launches on Steam as the Fastest Shooter in the Sky

Just $9.99 during the Steam Summer Sale, there’s no better time to try the most unique competitive game on the market

Odisi Games is pleased to announce Sky Link, the new reigning champion of the title ‘Fastest Shooter Ever.’ With aerial speeds of up to 250 MPH, Sky Link promises to be unlike anything in the online gaming scene, with unique sky-based combat, tactical grappling hooks, and a primary game mode that aims to shake up the world of team-based games. Designed to be easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master.

Formerly known as Drone Strike Force, Sky Link is a groundbreaking aerial shooter that aims to be the fastest competitive game in existence. Sky Link gives you unparalleled freedom as you control powerful UAVs such as the tank-like Megadon or the stealthy tactical Shade Z1 to defeat your opponents and win the day. Grapple, afterburn, and expertly maneuver your way across varied war-torn battlefields in a fight for the world’s most valuable resource – information.

With a renewed focus on aerial combat, Sky Link pushes the boundaries of spatial awareness and high maneuverability with the sheer freedom of three-dimensional gameplay at your fingertips. 

  • Intense high-speed combat at speeds up to 250 MPH
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master movement mechanics:
    • Air Grapple System (AGS) – Be a robotic Spider-Man in a dystopian battlefield. Punch your foes, swing across the cityscape, and steal the cache from the enemy.
    • Instant Engine Cut Off – Got a bogey on your tail? Cut your engines, and lose ’em fast.
    • 360 Degree Warfare – Fights can happen literally anywhere in the map – above, behind, below. No space is safe. 

More than Just Fly and Gun… Introducing UPLOAD
The main game mode in Sky Link is UPLOAD – a tactical 3V3 competition where two teams fight to take a cache of sensitive data to specific upload zones within a given map. The attackers must either upload the entire package before the time runs out, or eliminate their opponents.

Meanwhile, the defending team must destroy their attackers or prevent them from being able to get the upload to 100 percent. The first team to win the required number of rounds wins the day and the digital glory. 

The New Weapons of Warfare
With devastating tech at your disposal, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to not only how you look, but what role and loadouts work best for your playstyle. Each tactical UAV has a role to play and their own set of weapons and skills to help their teams win the day. Tactical usage of various unique abilities allows you to push the limits of what each aircraft can do.

There’s no shortage of interesting skills across our selection of aircraft. From a devastating remote-controlled missile to an electromagnetic pulse that pushes enemies into their surroundings, possibly exploding them on impact. There’s a plasma leash that can double both as a weapon and a repair beam, as well as a turret that can attach itself to any surface and create a deadly choke point between buildings.

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