Watch ‘The Making of Flow Weaver’ and Find the Game on Steam!


Watch ‘The Making of Flow Weaver’ and Find the Game on Steam!

The teams over at Stitch Media and Silverstring Media have many a potion cooking in the Feylands these days. Read on below for the rundown!
Fixes & Patches Full transparency here: Flow Weaver‘s launch was a little rocky. Since the game’s release back in mid-March, the development team has been patching a literal boatload of issues and the game is very much in a better place now.
On the one hand, that wasn’t great for the team. On the other, however, we saw a touching outpouring of support as those in the Flow Weaver community left comments of all shapes and sizes that helped to identify bugs that needed squashing.  
We encourage you to try Flow Weaver again to experience the new updates, and if you received a key previously and still haven’t played the game, well now would be a great time to do so!
Flow Weaver is Out Now on Steam In addition to the development work done post-launch on bug fixes and quality of life improvements, the team was also hard at work to bring the game to Steam. To celebrate Flow Weaver being available now on both Oculus and Steam platforms,  we are running a launch contest beginning May 4 with an Oculus Quest 2 as the grand prize!

The Making of Flow Weaver For those of you interested in ‘behind the scenes’ of game development, this one might be up your alleyways. Flow Weaver was developed in a partnership between Stitch Media (in Toronto) and Silverstring Media (in Vancouver), and really was a combination of like minded teams.
This 9min dive examines these two studios and their relationship together, developing satisfying puzzles, and tackling the challenges of designing an escape room style experience for virtual reality.

Flow Weaver is a rich and beautiful narrative escape room game designed especially for seated VR. Features include:

  • A variety of fantastic locations transforming the mundane to the magical
  • Expressive narrative through fully voice-acted dialogue
  • Feel the power as you learn magic spells and tear open the fabric of reality

Flow Weaver is currently available in the Oculus Store for Quest, Quest 2, and Rift S headsets and now supporting the same platforms in Steam.


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