MegaDev Adds Turkish Language Support to PLITCH


Language Support Includes Website, Desktop Client, and Companion Apps for 3000 Games and More

MegaDev GmbH, the company behind the innovative single-player video game customization software, PLITCH, has added Turkish language support to its growing list of supported languages.

Supporting a language is an impressive feat to undertake, especially in the business of video games. The PLITCH desktop client, second screen app, and website are now updated to support the Turkish language, including descriptions for more than 3000 games, meta-descriptions, and more.

“It’s already an unparalleled achievement to keep more than 3000 game trainers up to date on a daily basis,” said Markus Schaal, managing director at MegaDev. “Doing so in three languages currently, with more to follow, is an even bigger challenge that we’re thrilled to take on for our growing community.”

PLITCH is currently available in English, German, and now Turkish, and MegaDev has plans to support more languages in the future. In addition to written language support on the website and client, MegaDev’s customer support team plans to ensure that support tickets will also be answered in the user’s native tongue. This type of support is second to none in the world of video game customization, offering a unique customer service for people who want to enjoy video games, but may not have the time available that they once had.

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