4 major religions in epic RTS fight to control Hell!


4 major religions in epic RTS fight to control Hell!

Agony Lords of Hell – Now on Kickstarter!
Four different visions of Hell from the world’s four major religions fight to control the hellish grounds. Choose your Lord and become the ruler of the underworld!
We are pleased to officially announce the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Agony: Lords of Hell! It’s a new RTS game from The World of Agony!
Christianity vs Hinduism? FIGHT!

Why Kickstarter?
For Madmind Studio, Kickstarter has a special place in the company’s history. Thanks to the successfully completed fundraiser – Agony – we were able to bring the project to an end, expand the game universe, and enlarge our team over time.
In Agony: Lords of Hell, our ambition is to do the impossible – to create not one but four otherworlds that describe the world’s largest, most popular religions.
Completely different visions of Hell, found in the holy books of individual religions, will require the preparation of many assets, unique mechanics for each fraction, dozens of new characters and beautiful scenery. So, to achieve our vision, we would appreciate your support.
Thanks to the Kickstarter campaign, we will not only be able to fulfil our ambitious plans but also enable players to decide how big and extensive the Agony Lords of Hell project will be. 
The game is powered by Unreal Engine 5, supporting all the latest technologies, including the destruction of the environment based on the “Chaos” technology, a dynamic day and night system, the Niagara system and many more.

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