80s Action-Flick Puzzle-Platformer hits Paris Games Week

Chanko Studios and AMC Games are proud to announce that It’s A Wrap! is stealing the scene at Paris Games Week starting today. Inspired by 80s action flicks and delightfully cheesy B movies, the indie puzzle platformer is featured in the Made in France pavilion with a freshly updated game demo. It’s A Wrap! is also set to star in the PLAY22 – Creative Gaming Festival in Hamburg this week where it has been nominated for the Most Innovative Newcomer award.
Alongside these events, It’s A Wrap! has expanded its PC platforms today to include GOG and the Epic Games Store, in addition to Steam. For aspiring actor-directors eager for their big break, the new demo will be available to Paris Games Week attendees on the show floor, as well as to PC players on Steam and GOG.
It’s A Wrap! combines challenging puzzle-solving, satisfying 2D platforming, and heaps of 80s nostalgia. In It’s a Wrap! the player directs and stars in (low-budget) Hollywood films, where things on set just aren’t going as planned. As director, the player must skillfully maneuver the timing of actors, props, and special effects with a unique “timeline editing” interface; the main puzzle of each level is figuring out how to set up the perfect take before the action even begins. Then when cameras roll, the player takes control of film star Johnny Rush, guiding him through calamitous platforming runs and epic vehicular stunts… all while attempting to keep him in one piece. Most of the time, poor Johnny bites the dust in a cartoonish blaze of glory—but fear not! Movie magic lets the player rewind and reshoot until the scene is finally a wrap.The It’s a Wrap! demo is available now on Steam and GOG. For more information about this coming attraction, join the conversation on Discord or Twitter, or stop by the Made in France pavilion at Paris Games Week.
About It’s A Wrap!It’s a Wrap! is a challenging puzzle game about making movies in 1980s Hollywood. Figure out the perfect timing of props, actors, and special effects as the Director. Then jump into the scene as the movie’s star in a traditional 2D platformer.About Chanko StudiosChanko Studios is an indie game studio based in France, with the core goal of creating story-driven puzzle games that get your brain cells working and make you laugh. For more details visit https://www.chankostudios.com/.

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