A New Wizarding World: Magical School Rogue-Like ‘Spells & Secrets’Reveals Physical Versions for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5! 


Wands at the ready! 

Today,Merge Games & developer Alchemist Interactive are pleased to reveal physical versions will be available for upcoming wizard school rogue-like ‘Spells & Secrets’on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5!

Following it’s hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, ‘Spells & Secrets’ achieved over 400% of its funding goal and more than 2,500 backers along with a growing community on social media looking for alternative wizarding worlds to inhabit. 

‘Spells & Secrets’ is available to pre-order now at all good retailers, including Signature Edition Games for only £24.99 / $29.99 / €29.99 on Playstation 5 and £29.99 / $34.99 / €34.99 on Nintendo Switch.  
Customise your own first year wizarding student as you venture into a world of magic at the Academy of Greifenstein.  On your first day, a mysterious incident sets strange and wild creatures loose on the grounds causing an ever-changing chaos to reign over the school. Solve puzzles, find powerful artifacts and more as you develop your powers, cleverly combining spells and knowledge to gain the upper hand over your foes, and rescue Greifenstein! 
Access ‘Spells & Secrets’ Press Kit
Key Features  Combine numerous spells in creative ways as you battle magical creatures and solve puzzles  Create your student wizard from extensive customisation options and unlock more possibilities as you play  Play solo or with a friend in 2 player local co-op mode  Find powerful artifacts and useful potions to augment your skills and navigate tricky situations  Rescue your classmates from the ever-changing Academy of Greifenstein  Improve your character and spells permanently  Easy to learn for rogue-like newcomers  Creative approaches are rewarded right from the start, forge your own unique path! 

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