AdColony Debuts ‘Social Ads’ For Gaming Campaigns

AdColony Social Ads

AdColony’s newest product allows advertisers in Japan to seamlessly integrate social media ads into gaming environments

AdColony, the world’s leading gaming mobile advertising company, today launched its latest product – Social Ads. The product enables advertisers across Japan to take existing campaigns that run on social media, such as image, carousel and video posts, and seamlessly place them within the mobile gaming environment.

The solution is designed with two objectives in mind: to offer a greater reach into Japan’s wide and diverse mobile audiences, and to maximise potential incremental reach of the gaming audience that might not be active in social media, while minimizing brand safety risk.

85% of consumers in Japan follow an influencer, and 71% of marketers plan to include influencer marketing in their campaigns this year. AdColony’s latest product allows brands to enhance their impact by combining the reach of influencers for their social media campaigns, extending this reach to 62 million gamers in Japan.

Daisuke Niwa, Director, AdColony, said, “Gaming was perceived to only appeal to young males, yet the reality is that gamers are a diverse group with their own characteristics: they are older, 47% are female, and more affluent than you might think. Gaming also contains the majority of social media users.

In fact, advertisers who traditionally engage on social media are at a disadvantage when attempting to reach ‘social media dark audiences’ as many users also use ad blockers. At the same time, much of users’ data is confined to the individual social media platform. Gaming provides a brand-safe platform for advertisers to reach these consumers. Game environments offer advertisers greater insights into players’ behavioural data and prioritise viewability of the ads.”

AdColony is already gearing up to launch a second phase, which brings shopability into these gaming ad units.

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