Get Ready to Set Sail For Adventure in Maritime Calling — A Developer Overview with Tiamat Games


Get Ready to Set Sail For Adventure in Maritime Calling — A Developer Overview with Tiamat Games

Behind every legendary tale born on the high seas, there was a captain willing to risk it all for the thrill of adventure — which is the same ambition fueling independent developer Tiamat Games for their upcoming seafaring roguelike RPG Maritime Calling. Crafting an authentic sailing experience that makes a player’s heart swell with a sense of discovery is no easy task. Today, Tiamat Games discusses how their passion for creating a rich video game experience runs as deep as any ocean with their new developer overview video, “The Making of Maritime Calling”. 

In the video, the Tiamat Games team gives a sneak-peek at what they are hard at work on and shares how the dream of creating the ultimate seafaring game brought them together. Through challenges ranging from creating realistic ship buoyancy to how in-depth historical research added a layer of authenticity to development, the team is unwavering in their willingness to meet that goal.

Embarking on a years-long journey is intimidating, but for Tiamat Games, it just comes with the barnacle-enveloped territory.

Taking inspiration from games like FTL: Faster Than Light, Maritime Calling puts players in command of a pre-colonial sailing ship with a crew eager to see what’s beyond the horizon. As captain, you’ll manage everything from stem to stern as you oversee the wellbeing of your crew, survive deadly oceanic hazards, explore uncharted lands, while a procedurally generated map keeps every playthrough fresh and exciting!

Key Features of Maritime Calling:

  • Take the Helm, Captain: Steering a ship back in the day was a smidge more involved than the simple motorboats of today. It’s the player’s job to prep the sails, measure for wind direction, and steer clear of any rocky crags sticking out of the water — there’s a lot of authenticity to ship control here.
  • It’s a Sailor’s Life For Me: Set day-to-day shifts for the crew, order them to plug any leaky holes in the hull, resolve quarrels between shipmates, and make sure everyone gets their fair share of provisions (and booty!). Life at sea can be exhausting, so managing the crew’s mood is essential to survival. Don’t feel bad about bossing everyone around, either —  it’s the captain’s job after all!
  • Master and Roleplayer: The more players sail the seven seas, the easier it gets. With successful voyages comes the opportunity to sink experience points into the crew’s attributes, building on specific traits that could help with land expeditions!
  • The World is an Oyster, so Pry it Open: Undiscovered countries are just waiting for players to explore them and exploit their riches!
  • An Ever-Changing World: The map shifts with each playthrough thanks to procedural map and terrain creation engine. There could be a beautiful coral reef in a region on one playthrough, and the next, a violent tropical storm!

Maritime Calling will be available for PC via Steam in Q3 2021. launches new campaign #GrowingStronger to encourage growing female gamers in India this International Women’s day


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