After Midnight – a turn-based strategy & puzzle game mix now available on PC


After Midnight – a turn-based strategy & puzzle game mix now available on PC

You have three different characters at your disposal, and three different skill sets to make sure that not one single microbe will break through your defenses to threaten the patients under your care. Brave doctor Lisa can be incredibly dangerous in a direct fight. A bit shy, nurse Maria is an expert when it comes to healing her teammates. Robert is a strong wisent, capable of hitting enemies from a distance. Mix and match their skills wisely to survive the night shifts in a certain hospital plagued by different diseases, and discover the mystery behind them.

The game is now available for free, and you can get it from (


After Midnight is a game that mixes turn-based strategy with puzzle gameplay and a plot that’s explained in the style of a visual novel. The gamer takes on the role of medical professionals such as a doctor, a nurse, and a paramedic, and uses their passive and active combat skills to fight mutated viruses that invaded the hospital. Strategic thinking, planning your actions, and teamwork are the keys to success. Depending on the character chosen during the combat turn, the player can heal their teammates, attack the opponents in a direct fight, or even use area attacks from a distance – all to defeat diversified enemies that multiply and get stronger with every turn.


  • A unique design that mixes turn-based strategy with puzzle gameplay.
  • An unusual plot focusing on medical professionals, their work, and some interesting facts from their field.
  • A cartoon art style featuring anthropomorphic animal characters.
  • A family-friendly gaming experience as there is no violence or strong language.

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