Agony – the New Console Patch and Sales Report

Agony – the New Console Patch and Sales Report
Agony – the New Console Patch and Sales Report

Agony – the New Console Patch and Sales Report

Madmind Studio would like to inform that the newest console patch for PlayStation 4 has just been released and will soon be released on Xbox Oneas well.

Agony Unrated became a big success on PC and we have decided to introduce numerous improvements and additions from it on consoles.

Of course, the console versions still remain censored, so not all scenes from the Unrated version were added in the patch but the improvements and new features are all there.

The newest console patch introduces:

●    The world map and mini-map
●    Succubus Mode and Agony Mode available from the beginning
●    Additional setting (The Forest) and boss fights for the Agony Mode
●    Additional, eight ending of the game
●    Additional scenes and dialogues
●    Additional in-game tutorials
●    Numerous AI fixes
●    Numerous collision detection fixes
●    Numerous technical fixes
●    Volumetric lighting
●    Improved texture quality
●    Improved models
●    Improved look and functionality of the main menu
●    New Hard mode
●    New and enhanced character development system
●    New puzzles
●    New environmental hazard – traps
●    New and modified paths for the player to choose from
●    New types of static enemies
●    New combat option that allows setting enemies on fire
●    New track added to the game soundtrack

And more!

The new patch is already available on PlayStation 4 and will soon also appear on Xbox One(the patch is currently going through the Microsoft certification process).
Sales Report

Madmind Studio would also like to inform about the current situation of the company and about the sales results of our games.

The sales of Agony and Agony Unrated exceeded the total of 160,000 copies sold. The sale of the PC version exceeded 100,000 copies, while the console version sold about 60,000 copies, but the sales data from consoles usually have a considerable delay, so the actual number of Agony copies sold on consoles is higher.

Agony Unrated has been reviewed by Steam players as “Mostly Positive”based on over 666 opinions which means that the game has been effectively improved upon its basic version.

Current inflow and lack of indebtedness provide our studio with the ability to finance our two upcoming games – Succubus and Paranoid, as well as maintain technical support for both versions of Agony.

The total number of players who have wishlisted Madmind Studio games currently stands at over 250,000.

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