New Alchemist Adventure Content Update (PC)


Explore New Lands and Battle Fascinating Foes in New Alchemist Adventure Content Update (PC)

Publisher and developer Bad Minions have launched a new update and trailer for Alchemist Adventure on Steam. The update unlocks more of the action-adventure game’s story, creatures, and tools. Players are also invited to learn more about Mya, the game’s protagonist and the alchemist of the game’s name, as she scours the world, trying to recover her memory.
Currently available in Early Access for PC, with a Q4 release planned on console and Switch, the game challenges players to use the power of alchemy to concoct the potions and tools Mya needs as she battles a mix of mundane and magical monsters and unravels the many mysteries of the long-forgotten land of Isur.

tools, more locations to explore, several new enemies to encounter and face off against a deadly new boss, the Crystalis. These new additions are listed below, with more detail available on the Alchemist Adventure Steam page.

Alchemy Tools and Elements:

  • New flask: Use the flask to combine elements and materials to create a new type of bomb — the barrier.
  • New element — Water: Use this to craft potions that make ice and produce other effects such as rain and snow.
  • New element — Earth: Create Lava, stone walls, and other earthly effects with this potion ingredient.  

Enemies and Bosses:

  • New enemy — Flamefly: This fiery, lava-spewing butterfly is as lethal as it is beautiful.
  • New enemy — Alligator: This humanoid reptile uses its claws, tail, and jaws to make quick work of its foes.
  • New enemy — Armorsaur: A heavily armored dinosaur-like homunculus, this new enemy was used as a tank during Isur’s wars.
  • New boss — Crystalis: Cute, but incredibly dangerous, this homunculus dragon has crystal claws and can make use of multiple elements for attack and defense.


  • New region — Plains: open fields, lakes, and other outdoor features await — along with a new quest!
  • New region — Geysers: Acid lake, lava, and, as the name implies — geysers. While exploring the geyser region, players can expect plenty of puzzles.
  • New region — Homunculi Factory: An alchemy rich region previously used to make new homunculi, it now challenges Mya with element-focused puzzles focusing on earth.

Alchemist Adventure is an action-adventure that takes place in the abandoned region of the land of Isur. Long ago, it was the home of brilliant, yet dangerous alchemists, but now lies abandoned and ruined. You play as Mya, an alchemist who has awoken to find herself in an unknown place, confused and with no memories of what has happened. As she explores this mysterious land, she will make use of the four elements — fire, water, air, earth to boost her abilities, transform the land around her, and solve alchemy-related puzzles. The land of Isur holds many secrets, all of which can be uncovered both in solo or cooperative play!

Alchemist Adventure is currently available for Windows PC via Steam Early Access. The full game will launch in Q4 2020 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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