Alone in the Bloody Demesne!


Alone in the Bloody Demesne!

You are an Investigator of the Holy Fane, who has travelled to the rural outskirts of your country to explore the lands of a suspected Vampire Lord. Entry was easy, but you quickly found yourself lost to the predatory landscape. Now, surrounded by horrid, whimsical, magical things, all that is left is to document what you see and hope it may be of use to someone else, in some other time.

Alone in the Bloody Demesne is a solo-journaling game based on the Alone on a Journey trilogy by Takuma Okada. It requires one six-sided die, a deck of cards, and a journal to track your discoveries. 

As you make your way through the surreal and hellish lands of the Vampire Lord, you will be faced with things strange and horrible. What memories, fears, and furies do they stir? And when you finally meet your end in these monstrous places, what will become of your last words? 

Alone in the Bloody Demesne is approximately 10 pages long and includes all the rules needed to explore a vampire’s manorial estate and die alone.

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