Among Us Crash Lands In Tinkertown Today!


Among Us Crash Lands In Tinkertown Today!

Thanks to a collaboration with their friends at Innersloth, Thunderful and Headup are pleased to announce that the Among Us universe is now a part of Tinkertown in the form of a new Among Us themed update, adding a new quest and location.

After killing an entire crew and taking over their ship, an impostor mistakes a bright light in the world of Tinkertown for his secret haven, crash landing on the planet. This opens up a brand new quest in Tinkertown where players can explore the crashed ship, solve puzzles blocking their way and escape with loot without getting caught by the impostor roaming the ship. Find a bunch of cool Among Us themed costumes, hats and decorative items and objects that can be used to decorate your houses back in your village.

Tinkertown is a multiplayer sandbox experience currently in early access. Play with friends to expand an ever growing town, building everything from shacks to epic castles. Complete quests for NPCs, decorate your house, craft new materials, battle monsters and more. Tinkertown will bring more features on its road to full release.
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