Basemark GPU adds DX12, OpenGL 4.5 and more to the mix

Basemark GPU adds DX12, OpenGL 4.5 and more to the mix
Basemark GPU adds DX12, OpenGL 4.5 and more to the mix

Basemark GPU adds DX12, OpenGL 4.5 and more to the mix

Basemark® GPU 1.1 at a glance:

An Updated Basemark® GPU Benchmark Offering Unparalleled Objective Comparisons between Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenGL ES and now also DirectX 12 for Graphics Performance Analysis Across Mobile and Desktop Platforms.

Basemark® GPU 1.1 Summary

Basemark® GPU is the first truly platform-agnostic graphics performance evaluation tool for systems supporting Vulkan 1.0, OpenGL 4.5, DX12, and OpenGL ES 3.1 graphics APIs.

With desktop Linux support in addition to Windows and Android support, our performance measurement tool enables industry players and consumers to objectively and reliably quantify and compare graphics performance of next-generation mobile, desktop, and even automotive processors.

Basemark® GPU 1.1 is the second iteration of our tool released in 2018 providing support for additional APIs and OSs and will be followed by Basemark® GPU 1.2 in Q1/Q2 2019.

About the Developer Basemark

Basemark is an industry leader in performance enhancement of graphics processors and is the developer of a world-leading real-time graphics and compute software solution, Rocksolid®. Beyond our proprietary Rocksolid® engine and performance measurement tools, our team also provides professional services to industrial customers, including many of the leaders in the automotive industry.

Basemark’s professional heritage stretches right back to the dawn of accelerated 3D graphics on the PC platform. Our team started as part of Futuremark, a pioneer in the graphics benchmark and gaming hardware world, and then split off to form Rightware, a provider of high-end tools used extensively in automotive graphical user interface creation. In 2015, Basemark spun out from Rightware to expand our footprint as a leader in independent graphics benchmarking and technology development.

Basemark is privately held, registered, and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Our operations are rapidly expanding and we have recently opened operations in the US and Germany.

Our Key Partners

The Basemark® GPU benchmarking tool has been developed in close cooperation with leading semiconductor companies. Our partners, such as Imagination Technologies, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Renesas, all participate in Basemark’s Benchmark Development Program (BDP).

Our tight-knit collaboration with competing GPU and CPU development companies ensures that the Basemark® GPU benchmark offers optimal reliability and maintains objectivity through adherence to group standards. Our benchmarks are built strictly to meet the specifications set by the industry. Neutrality and unbiased analytics is core to our philosophy, and we base our reputation on a lack of favoritism towards any specific manufacturer’s products.

Summary of the Last Releases

Basemark® GPU 1.0, and hotfix 1.02 were released in June 2018 and we were overwhelmed by the warm reception from the community.

With around 40,000 publicly submitted official results – 33,000 of which were from desktop platforms and around 7,000 from mobile devices – in the weeks after the launch, we easily surpassed our adoption expectations. Added to these figures are several 100,000 custom, corporate and media runs which are not counted in our public results.

There were, of course, some hiccups as well: we underestimated the server capacity and bandwidth quotas our server needed to meet the demand for downloads and submitting results. Also, we required a GPU 1.0.2 hotfix to solve an issue where creative users with certain driver versions could alter their score by resizing the window on their device. Needless to say, we have taken these lessons into consideration and hope to be prepared for our community members in this Basemark® GPU 1.1 release!

High-Level Change Log

  • DX12 Graphics API support added
  • New Launcher design with better usability
  • Flatpak delivery for Linux users
  • Tested with the latest official drivers for AMD and NVIDIA
  • Better support for the community through active post-release community management
  • Lots of minor compatibility updates

Work in progress for future releases

  • Ray Tracing Support
  • Multi GPU Support
  • Vulkan 1.1 Support
  • Metal / iOS Support
  • Updated Power Board 2.0 Results page

Basemark Power Board for view results and top performance lists

Our team is working hard to build a radically overhauled new Power Board for displaying top performers which will include proper comparisons for different devices, components, and operating systems. Usability has been our major focus during development.

We will be continuously updating this as it is not tied to any one specific release or tool.

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