ILCOIN Launches Blockchain-Powered VR First on Steam

IlCOIN Launches Blockchain-Powered VR First on Steam

ILCOIN Launches Blockchain-Powered VR First on Steam

Growing demand for VR games finally meets blockchain technology in the first-ever crossover game Age of ILCOIN.

Gaming and especially virtual reality gaming are picking up speed, with virtual reality gaming expected to vault over $1 billion in total revenue in 2020. Powered by Oculus VR technology, virtual reality games may double their revenues by 2024.

VR gaming is part of a larger trend where revenues for gaming reach $139 billion annually, growing upwards of 9.7% year after year. Growth projections see the market at $200 billion in annual revenues by 2022. 

“Games are more than just fun for us. We have quite a few developments. The game provides a unique possibility for us to enter a market which we think holds great opportunity,” said Ramiro Falo Vélez, CEO at SYDYG. 

“The gaming industry is a market already worth several billions of dollars in which an effectively working blockchain technology could achieve great results since the gamers pay countless times for new experiences during the games. Why not make these transactions in cryptocurrency?”

In this climate, Age of ILCOIN has an experienced team behind it to offer both an immersive VR experience and a blockchain-enabled game economy. This Oculus-ready game drew in work from several teams and companies. Age of ILCOIN is coming to the Oculus app store in the very near future and when the game launches, it will be the first blockchain-powered game published on Steam, adding another dimension to in-game purchases.

This game was developed by SYDYG (the project leader and owner of ILCOIN), SPECTER, FOCKAGAMES, NEON SAVAGE, and the in-house ILCOIN dev team.

Age of ILCOIN is preparing to launch on the Oculus app store, and the team is in advanced negotiations for a console release. The game’s storyline, characters, and graphics have all emerged in collaboration with ILCOIN’s core developers. In coordination with SYDYG and other creators, this dedicated blockchain team also included transaction functionalities. 

ILCOIN is a digital asset launched in early 2015 and traded on multiple exchanges. The coin has a maximum supply of about 2.5 billion, and only a third of it is currently in circulation. 

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