Boostinsider: Five Types of Videos That YouTube Influencers Create for Games


Today, all the top gaming influencers like Kwebbelkop and SSSniperWolf are all talking about one mobile game called Lords Mobile. You probably are wondering what makes this game so popular. Together with Boostinsider influencers, Lords Mobile was on the Time Square Nasdaq jumbotron during New Year’s Eve, garnering a lot of attention. Gamers from all over the world quickly downloaded the game to join the excitement.

“It’s addicting! You can attack rivals, steal resources, hunt monsters, and claim kingdom monuments,” said Heidi Yu, CEO of Boostinsider, one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley, which focuses on using advanced technology to help games and brands boost their exposure through influencer marketing.

Boostinsider is a key partner of Lords Mobile helping to drive brand awareness, user acquisition and user retention. “Generally speaking, the ROI of influencer marketing on mobile games is doubled in comparison to the ROI from Facebook ads, if done right,” said Heidi.

Having worked with over 300 games from EA, Machine Zone and more, Heidi shares five types of videos YouTube influencers create for games:

1. Let’s Play
Let’s Play emphasizes the individual playing experience along with a video recording screen. Godson for example, recorded his first-time experience of playing Lords Mobile.

2. Walkthrough
Walkthrough is like tutorial for viewers to get tips about a game. This is an example that @nickatnyteYT has made for Lords Mobile.

3. Cosplay/Character-Based Acting
SSSniperwolf is known for cosplay in all her gameplay videos. She handmade her outfit and dress to look like one of the characters in the game.

4. Shoutouts
Jelly has created a fun Q&A video for his followers and inserted his perspective about Lords Mobile into the video, which makes it much more organic and easy to convert.

5. Machinima
This is the most creative type of video where creators are able to create a short-film with animation or graphics, based on game themes or characters.

“We don’t just help companies get off the ground running. We also assist in creating effective, data-driven strategies to ensure a favorable ROI, with our product-suite, including influencer engines, our influencer Snowball SDK, and SuperPlay – Boostinsider’s own mobile-gaming platform,” Heidi explained.

While Facebook ads and other ad networks are getting more and more expensive, game developers now see influencer marketing is the new go-to UA strategy for all games.


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