Bundle Blast countdown ends with a bang – Slayer Bundle’s deadly line-up revealed

Bundle Blast countdown ends with a bang - Slayer Bundle's deadly line-up revealed
Bundle Blast countdown ends with a bang - Slayer Bundle's deadly line-up revealed

Bundle Blast countdown ends with a bang – Slayer Bundle’s deadly line-up revealed

Epic Steam PC bundles have been arriving thick and fast like super-powered rockets blasting through space. Now, leading digital retailer Fanatical (www.fanatical.com) can reveal that PC gamers have the chance to purchase over 30 out-of-this-world, time-limited bundles as part of Bundle Blast, which launched on September 17th.

Featuring over 330 Steam games, including highly-rated and must-have AAA and indies, Bundle Blast has seen four days of exclusive and brand-new bundles, as well as price drops to existing popular bundles – with potential savings of over $2,400!

The grand finale yesterday (September 20th) revealed the Slayer Bundle, featuring three tiers of up to 18 Steam games. Sneak, smash and see all that is hidden with Tier 1 of the bundle, boasting four awesome games for just $1. From classic car-based carnage in Carmageddon: Max Damage to the dark fantasy RPG of Styx: Master of Shadows, where better to start your bundle?

With eight more incredible games in Tier 2, it’s time to get down and deadly in wartime FPS, hostile wilderness and the world of Warhammer. Experience close-quarters WWII action with Day of Infamy, enter Warhammer’s decimated Empire city in Mordheim: City of the Damned and fight for survival in Savage Lands, alongside many more awesome games.

Take your bundle to the max with another five games in Tier 3 that will blow you away. Rewrite history with Medieval Kingdom Wars, get robot-armed and dangerous in Bombshell, and experience sci-fi action RPG in Songbringer.

Go beyond your usual PC gaming experience with the Infinity Bundle, featuring 8 Steam games worth over $130. Enter a cyberpunk-esque, side-scrolling adventure and write your own fate in Dex, escape the creepy asylum in Fran Bow, and defend your spaceship in tower-defense inspired Space Run.

Looking for big savings on anime games? Bundle Blast has got you covered. Help Neptune regain her Goddess title and save the world in the Megadimension Neptunia VII Complete Bundle, including the JRPG base game and 13 additional DLC packs. Get your juices flowing with up to 4 tiers of games in the Fruitbat Factory Bundle, which features the likes of digital multiplayer board game 100% Orange Juice, strategy game War of the Human Tanks and SeaBed, the critically acclaimed yuri-themed mystery visual novel.

If it’s software that you’re after, The FaceRig Bundle offer 3 tiers of content that transforms you into a vast array of colorful characters via your webcam and streaming devices – using image-based face tracking to map your movements and make it look like the character on screen has come to life. Treat your laptop, Mac or PC to an upgrade with the IObit Software Bundle, jam-packed with additional software to help give you that much-needed boost when gaming, or to help with general usage, cleaning and optimization.

For the dollar bundle fans out there, the Dollar Classics Bundle features a staggering 21 retro-style Steam games that will give you that nostalgic feel-good vibe – or why not shake things up with the Aspyr Pick & Mix Bundle, pick three Steam games from the likes of Borderlands, BioShock Infinite, SimCity 4 and much more for just $12.99.

After a lengthy intergalactic journey, the Martian has returned to planet Fanatical bearing gifts in the shape of mystery games. The Martian Mystery Bundles ($2.99 to $4.99) will give you the chance to buy 3 or 6 Steam games – ranging from high flying AAAs to awesome indies – but, as the name suggests, you won’t know what they are until you buy the bundle!

For the full list of bundles still available, check out the Bundle Blast page now.

That’s not all, to celebrate Bundle Blast, Fanatical is giving you the chance to select & win one of three amazing bundles. Bundle A includes Cuphead, Monster Hunter: World and Overcooked! 2; Bundle B features Yakuza 0, Shenmue I & II and Vampyr; while Bundle C includes Two Point Hospital, Frostpunk and BattleTech. Head over to the Fanatical Blog for more information on how to enter.

Remember, all Steam keys featured in these sales and across the Fanatical Store are officially licensed, so every purchase benefits the game’s developers and allows them to lovingly create even more games.

Please note: If you are buying multiple copies of the Martian Mystery Bundle you may receive the same game more than once. All bundles included in the Bundle Blast sale have different end times and dates, so please check each one carefully.



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