Car Trader Simulator coming to Steam


Become an American car dealer and get rich no matter the cost. Car Trader Simulator is coming to Steam soon.

Car Trader Simulator Teaser Trailer

Join the closed beta in October!

Car Trader Simulator lets you play the role of an American car dealer. There are many economic choices ahead of you. Invest in new employees, repair some cars for additional profit, or maybe advertise? This system will allow you to feel like a real business owner, one that in many situations has difficult choices to make on how to invest his earned fortune to double it in the future. Or you just might lose it all as well. Everything is in your hands now.

Choose one of three available difficulty levels and start your career in the car trading business. Become a law-abiding and responsible dealer or use the cheapest solutions when repairing and selling cars to deceive your customers and earn large amounts of cash as soon as possible. No matter how you approach the business, you will need to hire employees – you can’t work alone! An extensive system of employment and staffing will facilitate your work and accelerate the company’s growth. Employees differ based on their experience, specialization and employment cost.

Car Trader Simulator has a map and an employee management system. You can specify exactly which streets our employees can travel, who will transport and repair purchased (or stolen) cars, etc. In addition, the events system will allow you to diversify the game with unexpected events or activities taking place in the city. Having a good car for sale is only half the battle, the other half is dealing with the customer and meeting his expectations. With each conversation, you will get guidelines on what the customer expects from you. Your task is not only to sell the car but also to make the buyer happy so that he becomes a returning customer.



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