Celebrate 100 Epic Days with BrownDust 2 – Unveiling a New Realm of Adventure!


Celebrate 100 Epic Days with BrownDust 2 – Unveiling a New Realm of Adventure!

Get ready for an unforgettable milestone as “BrownDust 2,” the epic mobile RPG sensation, gears up for its 100th-day extravaganza! This monumental event promises a whirlwind of excitement and generous rewards, taking place from September 21st to October 11th.

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

Daily Rewards Galore

Simply log in daily during this event and claim up to a whopping 1,600 Diamonds and 10 Draw Tickets. Moreover, you can amass event currency by venturing into Character Pack 5, which can be exchanged for ’50 Draw Tickets,’ ’60 Refining Crystals,’ and ‘600 Diamonds.’

Diamonds Return Event

During this special period, a portion of Diamonds spent by our dedicated players will be returned through a thrilling event, offering more chances to explore the vast world of “BrownDust2.”

100th Day Celebration Pass

Complete missions on the ‘100th Day Celebration Pass’ to unlock an array of level-rewards, including a stash of 40 Draw Tickets, putting more power at your fingertips.

Special Commemorative Broadcast

On the 19th, we hosted a star-studded special broadcast on the official BrownDust2 YouTube channel, featuring Development PD Jun-hee Lee, the renowned story writer GyeongJae Han, the original artist Seong hyun Han (a.k.a. Origami), and business manager Jongho Kim. The broadcast was a showcase of our journey so far, including insights from a satisfaction survey, updates, and exclusive events for our loyal players.

New Content Highlights

Prepare to dive deeper into the enchanted realm with exciting new content:

  • Character Pack 5: Rou’s Labyrinth – Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Little Red Riding Hood ‘Rou’ and her encounters with iconic fairy tale characters. Explore new stories and forge epic alliances in this captivating adventure.
  • PvE Marvel: Fiend Hunter – Embark on a thrilling journey battling colossal fiends in a unique monthly cycle of challenges. Strategize, hunt, and reap the rewards, which are determined by your defeat count, highest level achieved, and damage inflicted.
  • PC Support: Good news for Windows-based PC gamers! “BrownDust2” will officially support PC gameplay. Download the game through our official website (https://www.browndust2.com/en-us/) and seamlessly link it with your existing account.

What Lies Ahead

We’ve got a captivating roadmap for the second half of 2023, designed to cater to solo adventurers. Expect content that celebrates individual play, emphasizing the joy of interaction without the need for group participation. Dive into the emotional and adventurous world of “BrownDust2.”

  • October: Experience “Story Pack 10” with new original character additions.
  • November: Unleash “Character Pack 6” inspired by Korean martial arts.
  • December: Embrace the chilling “Nightmare Winter” event pack.

But that’s not all! Get ready for the “Second Tower of the Evil Castle,” a new PvE challenge. Unlike the existing Evil Castle, this content simplifies initialization and ranking competitions, ensuring a smoother journey and rewarding you with various treasures. Plus, a revamp of the system will introduce a ‘Housing’ feature, enabling you to customize your own unique space.

Don’t miss the monumental broadcast commemorating the 100th day of “Brown Dust 2” service, available on the BrownDust2 official YouTube channel. For more in-depth information about upcoming updates and events, visit our official website.

Join us in celebrating 100 extraordinary days of adventure in “BrownDust2.” Uncover new realms, conquer new challenges, and be part of a legacy that will continue to captivate gamers worldwide.

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