Chainsaw Adrenaline Rush Cookie Cutter Unleashes Mechanized Massacre in New Combat Trailer


Rogue Games, the most hardcore and slightly f*cked up publisher out there, and the maniacal minds at developer Subcult Joint LTD have shared a new combat trailer for chainsaw-roaring android slaughter fest Cookie Cutter, set to launch later this year on PC via Steam. In the video, fans of violent ass-whoopings can witness protagonist Cherry thrash around an array of bizarre and grotesque creatures as she journeys through a beautifully hand-drawn universe in search of her beloved creator, Doctor Shinji Fallon. Buckle up, buttercup – Cherry’s here to knock all your teeth in.

Watch the Cookie Cutter combat trailer HERE:

As Cherry beats the living crap out of everything that gets in her way, she’ll unlock an increasingly insane arsenal of new weapons and abilities like chainsaws, plasma cannons, guitar-slides, mecha fists, motorcycles and more. Players can also use environmental hazards to butcher Cherry’s foes and modify her fighting styles to maintain a consistent edge in combat. Mixing inspirations to Japanese manga, Quentin Tarantino films, and H.P. Lovecraft, Cookie Cutter is the 2D Metroidvania gorefest your mother always warned you about.

Cookie Cutter won’t pull any punches when it launches later this year on PC via Steam. For more information on Rogue Games, follow us on Twitter, join the conversation on Discord and visit us on the official Rogue Games website

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