Chuhou Joutai New Trailer


Chuhou Joutai New Trailer

Please watch the new trailer presenting Chuhou Joutai, the brightly colorful retro-pixel entry-level danmaku game now available on Steam.

Set in the fictional country of Kozan, Chuhou Joutai is a bullet hell shoot’em up in which you will have to weave through complex patterns containing anywhere from dozens to hundreds of bullets.

About This Game

Think you can end the Kozanese Civil War? Now’s your chance to play this entry-level danmaku game.

One’s green, one’s blue, they’re gonna hit you in the head! This is Chuhou Joutai, a shooter game like no other. The country of Kozan has entered a period of civil war against a left-wing extremist group called SPASDOT. Taking the role as The Real Driller or Princess Kagami, your mission is to find and defeat SPASDOT’s leader in order to shut them down for good. But it’s not gonna be easy – dangerous bullet patterns lie ahead of you!

Chuhou Joutai takes you through eight treacherous stages in the capital city of Kozankyo filled with opponents that will throw colorful attack patterns which you’ll need lightning-fast reflexes to get through. You can focus your attacks to get through tight spaces and if you’re in a tight pinch, you can throw a bomb to clear the screen! Hair-pin curves and dare-devil turns – you’re gonna need to make these to survive. Think you’re up to it? Now get out there and show SPASDOT what you’re made of!


  • Retro-style graphics influenced by the golden era of arcade games
  • Amazing two-player mode
  • Simplified gameplay for newcomers
  • More than a dozen fun characters you can connect with

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