Civilization® VI Community Update – June 2020


Civilization® VI Community Update – June 2020

Today, Firaxis shared a video highlighting new changes, adjustments and additions coming to Civilization® VI in the next community update, which is scheduled to go live on Friday, June 26.

Ahead of release, Firaxis will also be doing a community livestream at 2 a.m. GMT+8 on Thursday, June 25.

In addition to balance and update changes, each game update offers a new feature such as a scenario, game mode or customization. This month’s game update introduces Season Two for Civilization VI: Red Death, a multiplayer mode on PC, Mac and Linux where up to 12 players compete in a free-for-all battle to escape a dying planet that is engulfed in the Red Death – a growing storm of radioactivity.

The June 2020 Game Update introduces Red Death – Season 2, our new iteration of the PC multiplayer battle royale mode. We’ll be going more in-depth on the two new factions, as well as what’s changed with the season 1 factions, as we get closer to release.

This update also fixes a few exploits in Civilization VI, such as being able to choose multiple Pantheon bonuses, and tweaks the yields on some Natural Wonders. We also took a pass at Religion and adjusted some Beliefs … and even added a few new ones!

Look for the full breakdown on this update when it launches on June 25.

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