Clash of Queens Anniversary Celebration: Light It Up

Clash of Queens Anniversary Celebration: Light It Up
Clash of Queens Anniversary Celebration: Light It Up

Clash of Queens Anniversary Celebration: Light It Up

Based on the magical medieval war age in Europe, Clash of Queens (“COQ”) is a multi-player RTS mobile war game produced by ELEX. It has been a year since it was globally released. To express thanks for users’ support, the Clash of Queens team have released the 2.0 revision — Age of Radiance to provide brand new game play and experience.

In the 2.0 version, Radiance buildings are added as new level stages for building progression. Troops will also be greatly boosted alongside the building level ups; new cultural skins are available for different units, and the game performance is updated. This year, the Castles, troops, nameplates and the map kept evolving endlessly to achieve the effect of a “Different Clash of Queens for Every Player”. We released Alliance Cross-server Battles for better game play experience. Users can now fight for their Alliance to prove to the world that they are the best.

With the Age of Radiance, here comes the Anniversary Celebration. Complete daily missions to find the Golden Hammer, and gain the chance to acquire massive EXP, items and a surprise prize worth US$500. The special server, the “1-year Anniversary Server”, will be grandly opened. Furthermore, users can find more fun on the Facebook page with endless events during the celebration.

This Celebration marks a new beginning for ELEX. COQ will keep providing more fun. For the 2.0 version, ELEX will keep making the systems better, and developing new functions. ELEX is currently developing new VIP features, auto-gathering function, special skills for units, and they’ll all be coming soon.

Since the official release of Clash of Queens in early 2016, players from all over the world have been building and upgrading Castles, establishing Alliances, raging wars, and taking over servers. Come try out this fun and brilliant medieval war game on your platform.

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