Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Everything you need to know


“You suck man! You are such a noob!” these are some of the common words you get to hear

when you begin playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO from here on). From my

experience, these cynical words will help you to passage well and gain skills in this unending

adventure. CS:GO is a FPS created by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. It

is the fourth amusement in the primary Counter-Strike establishment discharged on August

21, 2013. The game is accessible for Windows, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Well there are certainly great days ahead for the crippled OS X clients after such a tremendous discharge

by Valve. Being a Mac and additionally Windows client, I didn’t recognise any significant

distinction in the OS X and Windows variant which calls for an enormous round of acclaim

for the engineers of this diversion.


In the event that you are an old Counter-Strike player, you will notice hell amount of

difference in this new instalment. CS:GO incorporates second to none graphics, maps,

weapons, matchmaking or energising new weapon skins. Talking about the gameplay, like the

previous games in this series, Global Offensive is a goal based multiplayer first-person shooter.

Each player joins either the Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist team and attempts to complete

objectives or eliminate the enemy team. Players purchase weapons and equipment at the

beginning of every round with money awarded based on their performance. Completing

objectives or killing enemies earns the player money while negative actions, like killing a

teammate or hostage, takes money away from the player. In addition, when a round ends all

players receive some amount of money, with players on the winning team receiving

substantially more.


For the past 12 years, Counter-Strike has continued to be one of the most played online game

with around hundred-thousands players virtually killing one another everyday. Currently,

Global Offensive features 5 game modes for online play namely: Competitive, Casual,

Deathmatch, Arms Race and Demolition. It additionally offers 2 logged off modes: Offline

with Bots and Weapons Course which proves to be useful for honing. Casual and Competitive

being Counter-Strike’s most well-known game modes, both including Defuse and Hostage

missions. At the end of each game (online modes), on the off chance that you are fortunate,

you periodically get drop which typically comprises of Weapon Boxes, Sticker Capsules or

Guns. That being said, the downside is that to open a container or a sticker case you are

obliged to purchase keys from the Steam Market while the firearm that is typically dropped

has an obsolete skin. Rare Items (Knifes, Asiimov, Redline) or StatTrak™ weapons are never

dropped in the game, you need to attempt your fortunes and open Weapon Cases or purchase

it from the Steam Marketplace (Which costs several dollars). You can additionally earn cash

by offering these items at the commercial centre.

Global Offensive supports matchmaking and leaderboards for all online game modes, provided

by Steam. The provided online service offers the ability to filter by game modes, maps and a

built-in Steam friend system. Valve also employs Valve Anti-Cheat, which can automatically

remove and ban hackers from the Valve online network. To match players of similar skill

levels in the competitive mode for an enjoyable experience, the game uses an Elo rating

system. You get your rank after you have won 10 matches; in light of the fact that by then the

game can analyse your gaming capability and can put you among the class you fit best.

It is believed that you can rank up only after winning 4 to 5 games continuously. While losing

the same amount of games can degrade your rank (something to cry about).


An alternate fascinating truth about this game is that you get to watch International teams

battling against one another in order to gain the top position in the CS:GO championships.

You can watch them live on Investigating these groups play can help you

sharpen your abilities. Furthermore, on the off chance that you have enthusiasm towards


wagering, you can try your fortune on Some of the top international

teams incorporate Ninjas in Pajamas,, Titan and Dignitas.


If you are a first-time player, don’t be disheartened, there is a long way for you to go till you

finally hit the G-spot. I recollect my days as an amateur, I truly sucked! Getting low frags and

high deaths. There are some essential technicalities that you must be acquainted with. Here

are a couple of tips that may help you become a pro for which you can thank me later.


Common spots :- Playing a map over and over will help you recognise common spots.

These are the spots where you can stow away for AWP-ing, tossing smokes and flashes, or

basic concealing spot of your foe group.


Knowing your firearm :- You must be acquainted with your firearms. AK is the most

powerful weapon after AWP, marksman prefer it for it’s lethal one hit headshot. M4 carbine

has low recoil but gives low damage as compared to the AK. Word to the wise: Practice.


Aim for the head :- Your crosshair should always be at head level. Have a go at shooting for the head wherever conceivable.

Spray pattern :- Every gun has a different spray pattern. You must be familiar with the

recoil of the firearms you play with. Control the spread and you are just half a step away

from being an ace.

Nade physics :- Science controls everything, grenades follow law of motion in the game as

well. Moving forward and throwing your nade at 45 degrees will make your nade cover the

largest distance possible. Work on tossing nades from diverse points, over the buildings, over

the shoulders, et cetera. Smoke grenades help you pass from an AWPer’s sight. Flash before

you rush, never get yourself into a firefight.


Preshooting :- This is an essential strategy to excel in CS:GO. Preshoot areas where you

think your enemy could be hiding. To know such areas, you ought to be acquainted with the

common spots in the map.


Sidestep shooting :- This is a master level strategy. You are most accurate when you stand

still and most vulnerable when you are out in the open. So the most ideal path is to starfe

shoot. Press A and D keys alternatively and exactly when you halt (you stop for a

millisecond when you switch between the keys), SHOOT! Adjust your aim so that you hit

the head. If you perfect this approach, you are all set to be the next lever gamer.


Economy rounds :- This is an important strategy in competitive games. Rather than

purchasing pointless weapons, save and purchase the following round.

Never forget, practice makes a man perfect. Continue drilling and strategising. Conversation

plays an important factor in the game. Always be informed about the locations of your

enemy. You should be able to read you radar properly. Follow the command and shoot for the



I have attempted my best to blanket everything conceivable. I will continue including new

stuff whenever possible. Enjoy the game and play as a team rather than as an individual.


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