Court of Ashes – Visual Novel/strategy hybrid launches October 10th!


Court of Ashes – Visual Novel/strategy hybrid launches October 10th!

Play as one of the 5 distinct characters and lead the royal council through the time of turmoil and strife. Interact directly with your fellow advisors and manage limited resources at your disposal on the strategic map of your realm. Learn how to be a good ruler from a uniquely human perspective or face the consequences of your choices in one of 18 different endings.
Cratel Studios is proud to announce that their debut game, Court of Ashes, a choice-driven narrative strategy, launches on Steam October 10, 2019! You can get it for $9.99.
Key Features
Immerse yourself in a rich, character-driven story!Interact, build alliances and relationships with 5 unique councilors, each with their own interests and goals!Play as any of the council members for a unique perspective on the events of the game!Manage limited resources in a huge number of scenarios presented on the strategic map of your lands!Reach one of 18 different endings with a multitude of sub-endings for certain plots and characters you meet along the way!Unlock alternative outfits for your favorite royal advisors!

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