Crush Your Enemies even harder with free ‘Plundering with Portals’ DLC out today

Crush Your Enemies even harder with free ‘Plundering with Portals’ DLC out today
Crush Your Enemies even harder with free ‘Plundering with Portals’ DLC out today

Crush Your Enemies even harder with free ‘Plundering with Portals’ DLC out today

With the enemy-crushing trend currently being revived by despots the world over, it’s only fair that you should get in on the action. Luckily the autocrats at Vile Monarch and their faithful yes-men at Gambitious Digital Entertainment have some good news for you: lightning fast RTS death machine Crush Your Enemies has an all-new free DLC available now via Steam, catchily named Plundering with Portals.

The Crush Your Enemies – Plundering with Portals DLC contains the following unmissable delights:

  • New “Prissy the Brute” Campaign (making four – yes four! – campaigns in total) with 10 brand new single player levels
  • 5 New Multiplayer Levels (also available in Skirmish mode)
  • Brand New in-game Portal item which lets you magically transport your troops to annoy / destroy your opponents. Place two on the battlefield, and watch your troops travel instantaneously from one to the other.

You want gameplay footage of the new DLC in action? We’ve got you covered. And gifs. And even some advanced single frame captured still images, which we decided to call ‘screenshots’. Click on the press kit.
If you appreciate the finer points of good old fashioned skull-crushing, cursing and chest hair, then Crush Your Enemies is your jam. Smash the crap out of kingdoms in single-player, snap limbs in cross-platform multiplayer, and bathe in the pixelated blood of your enemies.
Get your hands dirty in Crush Your Enemies right here right now:
For more information about Crush Your Enemies go to and follow us on Twitter: @GambitiousInc and @VileMonarch.

About Vile Monarch
Vile Monarch is a hard rock game studio created by two twisted minds: Kacper Kwiatkowski and Grzegorz Mazur, who catapulted from 11 bit studios where they had worked together on This War of Mine. Soon after he was born, the Monarch started using his exceptionally skilful minions to start making engaging video games for various platforms, full of surprising, novel ideas. And what’s worse, he forced them to have fun while working! All of it to – you wouldn’t guess – conquer the world!  Vile Monarch lives in his castle in Warsaw, Poland. He likes rock music, beer and Mad Max: Fury Road movie.

About Gambitious Digital Entertainment
Launched in 2012, Gambitious, Inc. is the first global crowd-financing platform exclusively for games.  With a mission to create and foster a sustainable ecosystem for independent game creation and publishing, Gambitious utilizes its evolving set of creative crowd financing tools and techniques to get more great game titles funded, produced and successfully released. The company’s publishing label, Gambitious Digital Entertainment, was created in 2014 to offer professional, developer-friendly production, marketing and distribution services in order to ensure a timely return to investors and developers on projects. Gambitious has successfully established partnerships and released its titles on Steam, the PlayStation®Store, Xbox Games Store,, Humble and the Mac Store as well as a number of emerging global digital distributors. For more information, visit, like us on Facebook and follow us @GambitiousInc on Twitter.


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