Darkanoid Available on Steam


Darkanoid Available on Steam

I would like to introduce Darkanoid, a futuristic frantically paced block-breaker game, available on Steam for $2.99/€2.39.

Darkanoid contains two game modes. In Classic Mode you will have to go through 40 levels, beat 4 bosses and gain points in the special bonus stages.
Choose from 3 different levels of difficulty and use 11 special power-ups along with your regular fire gun and shield. Darkanoid also includes teleports and flying blocks.
In Survival mode, you must break through a wave of blocks, drones and bosses, all moving towards you. Your task is to survive as long as possible and you’ll only be able to win lives by defeating the bosses.
Darkanoid will be released on mobile platforms in May. In addition, a new game PvP mode and in-game cards will be integrated in Q3 2021.


  • 2 game modes
  • 40 levels in Classic mode
  • Adaptive wave system in Survival mode
  • 3 levels of difficulty in Classic mode
  • 11 different power-ups available – hit them and they’ll activate immediately
  • Teleports and Drones to increase the challenge
  • BONUS levels available in Classic mode
  • Platform shield with one-click activation
  • Default fire gun, plus three big weapons to unlock
  • Unique resource – Darkens
  • 13 skins, each with its own upgrade
  • Steam achievements

Future Announcements

  • Release to mobile platforms (May 2021)
  • New game PvP mode (Q3 2021)
  • In-game cards (Q3 2021)

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