Dive into the jungle with Green Hell VR on PlayStation VR2, out in 2023!


Dive into the jungle with Green Hell VR on PlayStation VR2, out in 2023!

Developed and published by Incuvo, Green Hell VR has been presented in the most glorious version on PlayStation VR2 during the State of Play event! After successful Oculus Store and Steam releases, it is time to unleash the power of Sony’s best-selling console and game-changing goggles. Set to launch in 2023, Green Hell VR will offer some exclusive improvements to immerse you even deeper into the Amazonian rainforest. Watch the first gameplay trailer to taste what awaits you:
About PS VR2 version

PlayStation VR2 allows us to bring Green Hell VR to a new audience without making any sacrifices. Thanks to the amazing technology behind the Sense controller, you can feel every impactful action. Haptic feedback makes something as simple as pulling a bow string an immersive experience.

PS VR2 also offers headset feedback so you can feel everything more intensely, whether it be hand-to-hand combat, bug bites or our brave protagonist’s heartbeat. Combined with the feedback from PS VR2 Sense controller, the level of immersion is far, far deeper than even the most dangerous parts of the Amazon River.

Sound is another crucial factor in increasing player engagement in any virtual world. In the case of PS5 and PlayStation VR2, 3D Audio makes you feel more present in the rainforest, so you can not only see but also hear the nature around you – insects, rain… or the wildlife trying to hunt you down. Using the combined capabilities of PS VR2 and Wwise, we strive for the most precise and faithful representation of sounds of the jungle. We aim to achieve a unique sense of immersion and spatiality.

The visuals also help to immerse you in the game, especially when it’s a VR title. Green Hell VR offers high-quality graphics, believable environments and characters – all without sacrificing performance. It’s important that everything runs smoothly, and PS VR2 guarantees a stable frame rate.

Green Hell VR also features reworked lighting, high-res textures and realistic shadows – all that in native PS VR2 resolution – among other graphical enhancements, to add depth to the image. It’s a unique visual experience, and we’re excited to bring it to PlayStation fans around the world.



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