Test the waters now with a new demo for Black Salt Games’ upcoming sinister fishing adventure and book a spot on deck before launch.

Team17 and Black Salt Games have today announced that pre-orders for the upcoming, sinister fishing adventure DREDGE are now available on PC and console platforms*. Nintendo Switch™ fisher-folk who can’t wait until launch on 30th March can head to the Nintendo eShop now to check out a brand-new demo.   PC anglers can lock in their pre-order now for the DREDGE base game or Digital Deluxe Edition on Steam and GOG, while console captains can reel in theirs at the Nintendo eShop, the PlayStation® Store, and the Microsoft Store. A Physical Deluxe Edition is also available for pre-order at participating retailers and includes a physical poster and meticulously crafted artbook and sticker set, the game’s digital soundtrack, and additional in-game items to help players kick-start their sea-faring adventures.
Keep an eye on the seas and the skies, and check out a brand-new pre-order trailer below:

*DREDGE base game pre-order price is £21.99/$US 24.99/€24.99 on Steam, £21.99/$US 24.99/€24.99 on Nintendo Switch, £19.99/$24.99/€24.99 on PlayStation 5|4, and £21.99/$US 24.99/€24.99 on Xbox.

The Digital Deluxe Edition pre-order is £31.00/$US 35.06/€35.06 on Steam, £23.99/US $26.99/€26.99 on Nintendo Switch, £21.99/$26.99/€26.99 on PlayStation 5|4, £23.99/US $26.99/€26.99 on Xbox and includes the Blackstone Key DLC, granting players access to the mysterious workshop on Blackstone Isle. Pre-orders for all platforms also include an exclusive in-game fishing rod.

Pre-order for the DREDGE Physical Deluxe Edition is £29.99/US $39.99/€39.99 for Nintendo Switch, £24.99/US $29.99/€29.99 for PlayStation 5|4 and £24.99/$29.99/€29.99 for Xbox.

DREDGE Key Features

·        Unravel a Mystery: Captain your fishing trawler across a collection of remote islands, each with its own inhabitants to meet, wildlife to discover, and stories to unearth 

●     Dredge the Depths: Scour the sea for hidden treasures and complete quests to gain access to strange new abilities

●     Study Your Craft: Research special equipment and upgrade your boat’s capabilities to gain access to rare fish and valuable deep-sea curios

●     Fish to Survive: Sell your discoveries to the locals to learn more about each area, and upgrade your boat to reach even more secluded locations

●     Fight the Unfathomable: Strengthen your mind and use your abilities to survive trips out on the water after dark

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