Drift like never before in Rise: Race The Future

Drift like never before in Rise: Race The Future
Drift like never before in Rise: Race The Future

Drift like never before in Rise: Race The Future

RISE: Race The Future is the upcoming video game from the studio VD-dev.
To be first released on STEAM® , on the 1st of November 2018 https://store.steampowered.com/app/955580/Rise_Race_The_Future/

Experience the most addictive racing gameplay. Drift and slide like never before thanks to an exceptional fluid and precise physics-based slippery handling. 

Unique futuristic cars, smooth powerslides, jumps and water zones take old-school rally arcade games to the next level of fun!

RISE: Race The Future is a racing game set in a near future where a new kind of wheel technology will let you drift on all type of terrains and especially on water.

Precision drifts, jumps and water zones”
The unique gameplay defined as “precision drifting” will suit every player looking for technical and precise controls combined with the immediate fun and ease of an arcade game.

Wide and technical tracks”
Natural environments are enriched and reimagined to create technical racetracks mixing multi-paths water zones and jumps. Inspired by retro arcade rally games the wide surfaces let the player enjoy long powerslides.

New boost system”
Players can master different technics for overtaking and exiting a corner thanks to the combination of several boost systems which set the game apart from usual rally games.

The most addictive racing gameplay”
The vehicle dynamics is based on realistic physics tweaked to enhance the player’s drifting ability. The result makes the handling extremely natural, smooth and precise for the most rewarding driving experience.

Unlock the futuristic race cars”
In addition to the arcade and championship mode, a challenge mode will let the player unlock the futuristic racing cars exclusively designed by Anthony Jannarelly.

Why Rise: Race The Future?
Loving popular rally arcade titles from the 90’s and dreaming of mastering powerslides with the ease demonstrated by the best gymkhana race drivers, the team wanted to combine it all in a new racing game which would maintain the technical fun of sliding with cars with the dynamics of a proper arcade game. The boost system was implemented to bring a totally unique rythm to the race.

Guillaume Dubail says:
“In order to achieve a great balance between technical driving and fun, we use classic physics for the vehicles drifting ability therefore the controls are extremely natural, smooth and precise, allowing a very rewarding and strong gameplay”

“Also a very important part of the concept is the track width which makes it very easy to drift for casual gamers and beginners while expert drivers will seek perfect mastery of the vehicles detailed dynamics.”

Anthony Jannarelly says:
“The combination of several boost system set the game apart from classic rally games. We wanted the player to have several options for exiting a corner. Every driver hates to get stuck with no power after a big powerslide, you want to feel a kick! 

I simply imagined how Jeremy Clarkson would like to drive in a rally stage, always pressing the button power!”

Game content
64 Challenge races with multiple goals
8 Championships
Time Attack with ghost
10 cars (with 3 decals and 5 colors per car)
4 worlds (with 3 track types : fast, intermediate, twisty / 16 combinations per world)
4 ambiances per world (day, sunset, rain, fog…)
3 boost modes
5 camera views
4 difficulty levels
approx. 40 km / 25 miles of road
compatible with Xbox/generic gamepad, steering wheel 
Steam® backup save

Future development
With the sudden loss of co-founder Fernando Velez two years ago, with the help of Frédéric Zimmer VD-dev decided to concentrate all their efforts on bringing a quality and affordable game based on a very strong gameplay. 

The next major development phase for Rise: Race The Future will mostly depends on players feedbacks, but we would like to add VR support, other gaming platforms, new content incrementally and maybe an online multiplayer mode.

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