Evercade launches new EVERCADE TIPS HOTLINE


Evercade launches new EVERCADE TIPS HOTLINE

Evercade Tips Hotline launched to celebrate the upcoming release of the Evercade VS retro gaming console, as a fun look back at gaming’s interactive past

EVERCADE TIPS HOTLINE gives callers the latest news, tips and secrets from Evercade and the upcoming VS console
• Available in the UK and internationally from December 8th 2021
• Created by Evercade as a nostalgic look back at one of gaming most interactive pre-internet facilities
• Call 0845 561 5601 (international 0044 1462 222016) to hear the phone line (charges listed below)

In celebration of the upcoming launch of the Evercade VS retro gaming console from Blaze Entertainment, we’re delighted to announce the launch of the EVERCADE TIPS HOTLINE!

The new hotline will be open from December 8th 2021 and takes its cues from the gaming hotlines of yesteryear, with the latest news, game hints and hidden secrets in the Evercade VS console all available from your phone!

This new dedicated line will allow newer retro fans to experience some of the unique ways that gaming content and information, that we now have easily delivered via the internet, used to be consumed. As well as giving those who remember them well and fondly a new, familiar and enjoyable burst of joyful memories.

Evercade fans in the UK can call 0845 561 5601, whilst international fans can call 0044 1462 222016 to access the Evercade Tips Hotline.

You can find the trailer video for the hotline here and on YouTube.

Harking back to the nostalgia of retro gaming and the experience is key to Evercade’s makeup. The bespoke physical cartridge and collectible numbered clamshell case and full-colour manual give collectors a new and inexpensive way to add to their shelves and give retro gamers a new and modern way to share their memories and passions.
Following the success of the Evercade Handheld in 2020 and 2021, the new Evercade VS console brings a new way to play, with a dedicated TV console unit, and support for four controllers. Allowing people to play our catalogue of games with local multiplayer – just like it was back in our youth. Sat around a TV with friends, siblings, and challengers and having fun together.
The Evercade Handheld is available now along with cartridges 1-20 at all good retailers.
The Evercade VS and arcade cartridges 1-4 are available from December 8th in the UK and EU with some countries featuring later release dates due to local logistics issues.
US and Canadian customers will begin to ship from Mid-January 2022 and pre-orders are still available.
To find a local retailer, visit evercade.co.uk/retailers

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