Extremely bloody horror game Gore Doctor with new dev diary!


Gore Diary #4 now available!

Gore Doctor is an extremely bloody game coming to Steam next year, in which you find yourself in the institute of a tormented doctor who, driven by desperation after losing his wife, descends into madness and becomes convinced that death is the only respite. The development of Gore Doctor is well underway, and the devs are excited to share some spine-chilling updates on the production progress.The devs are thrilled to share a new Gore Diary with you and as usual they use this opportunity to give you an update on the progress of Gore Doctor. Soon you will have the chance to traverse the twisted corridors of Dr. Abnel Gorberg’s tormented mind, as Salient Games confirms that development is going incredibly well. The team is getting closer to reveal the exact release date, so make sure to read more on this in the dev diary! Also check out the new tasty GIFs!
Check out the new Gore Diary here:

In Gore Doctor players must navigate the nightmarish corridors of the doctor’s institute, confronting grotesque horrors, uncovering dark secrets, and striving to escape with their lives intact. Can you survive the twisted labyrinth and unravel the haunting mysteries within?

Enter at your own risk, for once you step into the twisted world of Gore Doctor, there may be no escape from its clutches!

Developed by Salient Games, Gore Doctor is coming to Steam early next year. If you are a fan of extreme horrors, make sure to wishlist!

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