Fujitsu Limited Announces Recruitment Plans

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Fujitsu Limited Announces Recruitment Plans

Fujitsu Limited today announced the following mid-career recruitment plans for fiscal 2023, as well as its new graduate recruitment plans for fiscal 2024.

For its mid-career recruitment plan for fiscal 2023, Fujitsu plans to further increase the number of career recruits to at least 800, without specifying a definite target number. In fiscal 2024, Fujitsu plans to hire approx. 800 new graduates. In doing so, Fujitsu aims to acquire talent to drive innovation in five key technologies (1) to support Fujitsu’s seven “Key Focus Areas” (2) within Uvance, as well as realize Fujitsu’s Purpose to “make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.”

With regard to mid-career recruitment, Fujitsu will recruit diverse talent with expertise and experience, and will provide upskilling opportunities to high-potential recruits with a strong will to take on new challenges while gaining new experiences.

Moving forward, Fujitsu will also shift to a job-based hiring system for new graduates. Under this system, Fujitsu will hire talent that is suitable for each role and job type based on their career aspiration, knowledge and experience from their academic background, with special focus on promising talent able to drive future innovation through novel ideas and profound knowledge of digital technologies. Fujitsu will provide students with opportunities including internships, dialogue with employees, and learning opportunities to support them in discovering their career orientation and skills and encourage them to take on challenges.

Fujitsu will continue to conduct year-round recruitment, accepting applications from final-year university and graduate students, as well as those that have already graduated throughout the year.

Fujitsu will offer appropriate compensation (including individual compensation) based on the level of responsibility and individual expertise of career recruits and new graduates.

The Fujitsu Group aims to be a company in which talented, passionate people with a strong sense of purpose can contribute to the resolution of issues facing society and customers on a global scale, and all employees can continue to take on challenges and grow toward the realization of their own purpose.

Moreover, Fujitsu will conduct fair recruitment in accordance with the “Request for Employment and Recruitment Activity for University Students who are Graduating in FY2023” issued by the Japanese government.

The planned numbers shown in the above table and the expected results represent the number of employees hired by Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Japan Limited.

(1) Key Technologies:
Fujitsu’s technology strategy centers on five technology areas: “Computing,” “Network,” “AI,” “Data & Security,” and “Converging Technologies.”
(2) Key Focus Areas:
Based on its vision of society in the year 2030, Fujitsu formulated seven Key Focus Areas that are comprised of the four cross-industry areas (“Vertical Areas”) “Sustainable Manufacturing,” “Consumer Experience,” “Healthy Living,” “Trusted Society,” and the three technology platforms (“Horizontal Areas”) “Digital Shifts,” “Business Applications,” and “Hybrid IT,” based on Fujitsu’s vision of society in the year 2030.

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