GALAHAD 3093 Adds Team Deathmatch in Open Extended Beta, Live Today


GALAHAD 3093 Adds Team Deathmatch in Open Extended Beta, Live Today

Simutronics today announced the next extended open beta for its upcoming mech hero shooter GALAHAD 3093. Live today at 6 p.m. ET through Tuesday, May 31, at 10 a.m. ET, the 11-day beta introduces Team Deathmatch mode, an underground map, over 10 weapon mods, and more. Players can join the beta for free on PC by clicking “Request Access” on the game’s Steam page

Mech pilots can look forward to the following features and improvements with this beta:

  • Battle in Team Deathmatch: Work together to leave a scrapyard of mechs in Team Deathmatch. Each team begins the fight with 40 tickets. Win by reducing the enemy team to zero tickets or by having more tickets when the time limit expires. 
    • Game modes will alternate between Team Deathmatch and Base Assault.
  • Enter the Caverns: Bring the fight underground with Inner Loop Caverns, an interconnected cave network. The varying ceiling height adds a fun layer of challenge to navigation in this subterranean industrial map.
  • Mod Your Mech: Expand your loadout with tactical modules like United Speedloader, increasing reload speed for you and all allies within a range, and Vectored Assault, enabling bonus damage while using the jump jets.
  • Unlock Power with Progression: Linear module progression adds tiers to module unlocking, guaranteeing that modules improve with each unlocked tier. This progression is balanced with special Lance variants given to new players with improved survivability but fewer and weaker module slots. Players can unlock stronger Lance variants with more options, including powerful intrinsic modules.
  • Show Off Your Rank: Rank Icons allow pilots to show off their experience while also giving a quick indicator (or warning!) of another player’s skill.
  • Balance on the Battlefield: Improved match balancing decreases team sizes from 16 to 12 and determines team assignments based on a player’s recent game scores.

“We’re thrilled to add Team Deathmatch to the GALAHAD 3093 experience,” Simutronics CEO David Whatley said. “It was a highly-requested feature from our players, and our goal is to meet the needs of our passionate community. Through their feedback, we will continue to build the next great mech shooter that fans desire.”

In the sci-fi future world of GALAHAD 3093, Knights – mech operators inspired by Arthurian legend – fight for glory in epic arenas. They pilot Lances – mechs capable of massive destruction – in a never-ending battle to capture and hold territory.

Lances are highly customizable: classes range from Light to Super Heavy and can be outfitted with a wide variety of weapons, deployable systems, and tech modules. Knights are the heroes who provide unique active and passive abilities, ranging from aerial bombardments to drop shields, further customizing your loadout. With thousands of potential build permutations, GALAHAD 3093 lets players create a wide variety of unique builds to fit any playstyle.

For more information on GALAHAD 3093, visit and follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Players can also join the Discord community for updates directly from the developers.

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